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Best Gadgets of 2017 You Should Buy

by Fahad Saleem

Every year latest gadgets are launched in the market. Some of them are crappy, but some gadgets really stand out and can make lives easier. These are the best gadgets of 2017 you should buy.

HP Sprout G2 3D-scanning PC

This useful gadget was introduced in CES 2017. You can scan any object using this PC. It’s a must-have gadget for designers, CGI experts and 3D printing enthusiasts. It has two screens and you can multitask and edit your scans easily.

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PowerVision PowerRay underwater drone

We have heard a lot of chatter about drones, right? But do you know that you can shoot underwater pictures and make videos of sea life using underwater drones? PowerVision’s underwater drone can do as much as 98 feet in water and record 4K videos and still pictures.  It has a Fishfinder sonar which can detect and locate fish and attract them with special blue lights. This device can be used for fishing, fun and videography.

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AirTV Play live TV streaming

If you are a cord cutter, you must be aware of the agony of missing broadcasts and shows just because they do not support cable-free content. Well, you can use this amazing gadget to stream all the cable-based content.

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LeEco smart bikes

The trend of cycling is getting famous around the world. After smartphones and smart watches, we now have smart bikes. This bike made by LeCo has an Android screen using which you can navigate, set music, use walk-talkie and much more.

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Nabi Aristotle voice assistant

This gadget is useful for parents who want to keep track of their babies. This voice assistant is based on Amazon Alexa assistant. You can ask it questions. You can order diapers and Soothers from it directly. It also soothes your kid to sleep by playing calm songs and poems.

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Luke Roberts Smart Light

Lighting is perhaps one of the most important factors which affect our moods. You can spice up your lighting with this smart light gadget, which sends colorful lighting upwards, apart from sending a normal light downwards. This combination makes a breathtaking effect. You can control lighting effects in this gadget from your smartphone using its companion app.

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Smart and Blue’s Hydrao smart showerheads

These beautiful shower heads are based on small LED lights which change their color with time. These lights also help you track time and cut down long showers to save light, time and water. These shower heads can be controlled with a smartphone. They create a rather sexy environment in the shower.

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Mizu V10 Insulated Thermos

This is one of the best gadgets of 2017. This thermos has insulated V10 copper lining and vacuum which gives about 20% of thermal retention. You can use this thermos for water, coffee and tea. It’s stylish, portable and cheap.

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Hubble Hugo anger-management robot

A man can solve most of his problems if he could learn to control his anger. This gadget of 2017 helps in anger management. How? It uses face recognition to recognize the mood. Hubble Hugo anger-management robot uses a special ‘pacification mode’ to calm you. It uses music, audio books, fan and calming effects to do the job.

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