Best Galaxy Note 5 Cases You Can Buy Right Now

Samsung Galaxy Note 5 is out and it is the best refresh in the Note line up till now from the Korean company. If you have bought or plan to buy Samsung Galaxy Note 5 then you must have given a thought to buying Galaxy Note 5 case. A good, solid case for your smartphone or phablet is a must these days. One would never want to ruin the costly smartphone with daily scratches, dust and water. There are some great and best Samsung Galaxy Note 5 cases in the market which you can buy. Here are some of the best Note 5 cases.

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Best Galaxy Note 5 Cases

Incipio Octane Case ($30)

Incipio Octane case costs only $30. It has a strong, polycarbonate back panels which protects your phone from dust and jolts. The case perfectly fits with the corners and shape of Note 5, giving it a natural and seamless look. The best part of this Note 5 case is the TPU bumper which has the ability to absorb shock. This case is available in a variety of colors, and has camera and other connectivity ports.

Commuter Case ($50)

If you are a careless person like me who drops a lot of things on the move, then  better buy Otterbox’s Commuter series case for your Note 5. It has a hardy, polycarbonate body which shells your phone and saves it from all kinds of shocks. It is tested under extreme conditions. Your Note 5 will go unscathed in case of any shock or drop if you have this case on.

Case Mater ($35)

Case Mater Naked Tough case is best if you want everything to be transparent, and don’t want to ruin the looks of you dashing, shiny new Note 5 with a protection. This case literally gives a complete transparent look, and no one could guess at first sight that you have a case on your phone.

Caseology Wavelength Case ($13)

Caseology Wavelength series is made up of Thermoplastic Polyurethane, which ensures protection against oil, scratches, rugged surfaces, shocks and much more. A good protective case for Galaxy Note 5 in this case is hard to find. Grab it before the stock goes out.

Casetify Custom Case ($39)

Casetify is for emoticons, photos, social media junkies, who can’t resist putting funny emotions, tag lines, colorful icons and images on their case. It is the best Galaxy Note 5 case for millennials. The best thing of this case is that it lets you design and choose your case based on your own choice with complete customization option.

Rearth Ringke Case ($9)

It is one of the best budget protection cases for Galaxy Note 5. Simple, elegant, but perfect for protection, Ringke case sticks itself to the surface and saves your phone from normal scratches and dirt. It is available in different colors.

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