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Best Gaming Laptops of 2014

by Fahad Saleem

Best Gaming Laptops of 2014

The graphic processors are quite advanced to support high-end gaming in desktop PCs. When you talk about high performance gaming laptops, it will be hard to find a reasonable model in cheap price. Serious gamers will never compromise on graphics acceleration. There are some issues with gaming laptops such as they tend to be thick, heavy, expensive, and carry less portability. However, the lovers of games can still find the best among the huge range of laptops. In this article, I will brief you about the best gaming laptops 2014.


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It is almost closer to perfection as a gaming laptop as it offers great performance in all areas. It contains excellent keyboard and touchpad. It doesn’t utter even the slightest of noise when running high-end games. It Is available from Amazon for $2355.

best gaming laptops of 2014 1

Alienware 17

This gaming laptop contains excellent connectivity and attractive exterior. It doesn’t create noise while running high resolution games. The screen can be used even in the brightest of rooms. It lies a bit on the costly side when you consider its performance ($2298).

best gaming laptops of 2014 2

Origin EON 17-SLX

The Nvidia’s latest GTX P80M graphics chip has taken the gaming world to an entirely new level. It is even 30% faster as compared to its preceding model. The HD display will highly improve your gaming experience. The performance is even beyond some desktop models. You can purchase it for $2044 from Origin.

best gaming laptops of 2014 3

Acer Aspire V15 Nitor Edition

This gaming laptop might not be aesthetically pleasing, but it certainly is a technical achievement. It also lies in a somewhat affordable range of $1300. It offers you great Ultra HD display of 4K resolution. The strong audio quality will thrill you while playing games. It offers quick performance in nearly all areas. It contains somewhat large size as compared to the conventional ones.

best gaming laptops of 2014 4

AVADirect Clevo P157SM-A

This laptop is designed for modern games with high resolution graphics. The display and audio quality might not be comparable to ASUS laptops, but you will still enjoy the music of games. It contains a fast quad-core processor with good hardware features. It runs without uttering the slightest of sound. You can purchase it for $1475.30.

best gaming laptops of 2014 5

MSI Global GT60 Dominator Pro

The strength of this laptop lies in its extremely capable hardware. You will enjoy the sharp 3K display while playing your favorite games. With respectable battery life and great gaming performance, it must be your choice for playing games on. You can get it for $2014.6.

best gaming laptops of 2014 6

Digital Storm Krypton

This amazing gaming laptop contains Nvidia GeForce GTX 880M graphics card for supporting high-end games. You can enjoy playing games on 17.3-inch screen with great mind shattering performance. Its performance is comparable to the mightiest of desktops. You can buy it for $2297.

best gaming laptops of 2014 7

The bottomline is that this list of best laptops 2014 gives you a good idea about where the technology is heading. Your laptop has replaced the full fledge gaming stations these days.

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