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Best Gifts Under $100 You Can Give to Friends, Family this Christmas, Holiday Season

by Fahad Saleem

The holiday season is upon us and it’s time to spread love and make connections by giving gifts which actually mean something, and are useful for people. Here are the best gifts under $100 you can give your friends, family and colleagues this holiday season.

Amazon Echo Dot (second generation)

This is the best gift you can give to someone this holiday season. Amazon Echo is now available for just $50. This device has the power to make a home smart and connected. Echo is basically a speaker with Alexa assistant, which can carry out daily tasks such as finding a flight, searching for anything on internet, controlling climate, adding reminders and much more for you just on your commands.

Photo Frame

A picture frame is still the best budget gift you could give to anyone who loves and relish sweet memories. Images in mobile and tablets do not have the same effect as a tangible picture in our hands do. Select a good picture frame, like this one, and give it as a gift to someone worthy of it.

Nintendo NES Classic Edition

This gaming console of Nintendo is the best budget gaming device you can gift your friends, kids or anyone who is fond of light gaming. This console has 30 games packed in it.

Wireless Perfect Bake Pro

This is a great system which helps in cooking meals and measuring food during the process. This system basically consists of a scale on which you can measure food and an app which gives you instant recipes. This gift is best for women or people who want to eat healthy.

Misfit Ray

Tired of hearing about all those fancy fitness tracking wearable devices which look odd on hand? This is the actual budget fitness tracking device which you could actually wear as a fashion band on your wrist. Misfit Ray costs just $70 and is available in many graceful colors.

Roku Perimeter

Roku Perimeter provides flawless 4K resolution and high dynamic range (HDR) video from streaming apps. You can enjoy content on your mobile and big screen with this amazing device which is well below $100 budget.

Amazon Fire TV (2015)

This is the best budget gift you can give this holiday season. Amazon Fire TV supports 4K Ultra HD for amazing quality using which you can watch HD 1080p content from Netflix, YouTube, Hulu and more, even without a 4K TV. What more? There are over 6,000 games, apps and Alexa-assisted services. You can also binge-watch over 30,000 episodes of famous TV series and seasons.

Samsung Gear VR

Samsung Gear VR is the budget device which would give in a sneak peek into the virtual reality world. It also pairs perfectly with Samsung devices. You can experience virtual reality games and all other related services in this device for just $99.

The NightHawk Quadcopter Drone

The time of just reading and dreaming about drones is past. You can actually buy a household drone for about $70. The NightHawk Quadcopter has 720p HD video camera using which you can shoot amazing images and videos. You can make this beautiful thing fly in your neighborhood, control it easily and do nimble maneuvers.  It has a gyroscope which makes it a great device to hover around.

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