Best GoPro Action Cameras 2015

It’s time to list down the best GoPro action cameras 2015. Think Action, Think adventure, thrill and speed. Think beauty, think clarity, vividness and splendor; they all combine together to define the excitement that is stirred by GoPro. The world of fun and action is incomplete without GoPro action cameras. To up the spur of excitement we bring to you a roundup of all the best GoPro action camera of 2015.

GoPro Hero4 Black

GoPro says it is the highest performing GoPro camera ever produced. With a slightly higher price of $499.99 compared to any other camera in the league it is a performance giant. It has twice the processing power than that of its predecessor and a 4K30 resolution which is 4x times the resolution you see in 1080P videos. The frame rate is insanely fast – 30 frames per second – with a 12MP camera. It allows you to capture single or time lapse videos with a preset time intervals. It even allows you to shoot better pictures at night with its Night Photo and Night Lapse mode. It has Bluetooth and Wi-Fi to make photo sharing and managing a quick affair. It has the widest angle view and added to it are many more great features which definitely make it the best action camera of the year.

GoPro Hero4 Silver

A GoPro high performance camera with a touch screen for convenient use and video trimming feature; this little thriller is waterproof up to 40m. With a video quality of 1080p60 and 720p120, this is a professional standard action camera with wider angle immersive videos giving you ultra-high-resolution, cinema-quality capture. With touch screen you can trim your videos and quickly save and share them via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth. With Protune ™ for photo and videos, it has got all the features that Hero4 Black boasts of. It is priced $399.99 on GoPro site and is available in three different editions; namely Standard, Surf and Music.

GoPro Hero4 Session

It is GoPro simplified. In a sense that it is the smallest, lightest and the most convenient camera ever made by GoPro. It is waterproof; think surfing and swimming or rafting. The camera is 8MP with 1080p60 video quality. It is small size wearable camera ready to accompany you to the extremes of adventure.

With low-Profile frames it mounts easily and adds to the convenience of mobility. It captures 10 frames per second and can shoot time lapse and burst photos. It is waterproof up to 10m and has easy one button control. Other than that, it carries all the video quality features of GoPro advance cameras. The camera is worth $299.99.

GoPro Hero

It is a perfect entry level GoPro with 5MP camera and video qualities of 1080p30 and 720p60. The frame rate is 5 frames per second and is waterproof to 40m. It brings along all the basic video quality features of GoPro and is small and lightweight, priced only $129.99.


GoPro Hero+

It is an entry level + Wi-Fi and Bluetooth GoPro with an 8MP camera rather than 5MP. Also the video quality is higher – 1080p60 than Hero’s 1080p30. With a convenient single button video recording, it is a small wearable, gear-mountable and is integrated into a rugged housing that is waterproof to 40m. It is basically for entry level GoPro users who would like to have higher video quality and Wi-Fi + Bluetooth for easy sharing. It comes with a little extra price than Hero’s, which is $199.99.

GoPro Hero+ LCD

Take Hero+ and add LCD to it, you’ve got yourself Hero+ LCD GoPro. It allows you to have a preview of your shot, trim and share video on the go and be waterproof up to 40m all this while. And it comes with a remote. With the regular GoPro features of QuickCapture and HiLight Tag, it is quite a package to have, in a very reasonable price compared to GoPro’s most advance cameras. It stands at $299.99.

The world of GoPro is a world of action and adventure. Are you thinking of being a GoPro-er yet? That is, of course in case, if you are not already one!


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