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Best Gun to Use in Fortnite Game

by Fahad Saleem

If you want to be successful in the Fortnite game, you must know about the weapons. You should know the strengths and weaknesses of all your weapons to fight successfully. Each weapon has its own role. Also, you should learn about each tool and know how to use it. The weapons include sniper, shotguns, assault rifles, submachine guns, pistols, rocket launchers, grenade launchers, and the crossbow. Here are the best guns to use in Fortnite.

Best Gun to Use in Fortnite Game

Assault Rifle

The M16 assault rifle is an all-rounder gun, which is useful in short to mid-range fights. It can easily take down the opponent with a few good angled shots. It is the best Fortnite gun to start with. If you’d love to find an ar 10 for sale, you’ll love using one in game!

Tactical Shotgun

This gun is for those fighters who are not scared of getting up close to the opponent to fight. It is a semi-automatic gun. If aimed correctly, with just one shot you can take away a good amount of health of the enemy or eliminate him completely.


This one of the best guns in Fortnite is found mainly in loot crate drops. It is a purple-orange assault rifle. A great gun to use for medium range engagements. This gun is really rare and it is quite difficult to find it. A good way to get a kill.

Heavy Sniper Rifle

This is a powerful weapon that can finish the opponent in one shot majority of the time. It also damages the walls, ramps, roof or floor in one shot. A full metal constructed obstacle can only be blown away in one shot.

Rocket Launcher

The rocket launcher is the best gun in Fortnite if you want to kill the opponent by getting up close to them without too much struggle. By using this gun, try to shoot into the base rather than at the base. It comes in three versions: rare (blue), epic (purple), and legendary (gold).

Compact SMG

The P90 compact SMG gun comes in two versions: epic (purple) and legendary (gold). This gun can tear up the walls at an extremely fast fire-rate, which will overthrow anyone standing near you.

Epic Tactical SMG

This little gun is one of the best and most powerful guns in Fortnite. You can’t compare any other weapon to the magnitude of epic tactical SMG gun’s power. Moreover, it has an extremely high fire-rate. You can kill down your enemies within seconds.

Bolt-Action Sniper Rifle (AWP)

AWP is a very accurate sniper ripple which is quite powerful too. Its bolt-action mechanism results in a slow fire-rate which is reliable. This gun is the most damaging gun in the Fortnite game.

Legendary Mini-gun

This one of the best guns in Fortnite is a perfect weapon for squad tactics. When you have to quickly pull down an enemy squad tower, a mini-gun works perfectly fine in such engagement. It is quite precise and can take out a wall for your squad to move ahead and kill off everyone.

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