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Best Hacks to Get Better at Rust


Rust’s early access was released as far back as 2013 but it has seen some sought of resurrection in fortunes when its full version was released in 2018. Since then more and more players are jumping on the Rust train and playing the game.

It is a survival game with a multiplayer-only mode and players fighting their way to survival across various servers.

One thing that has put off a few gamers since its release is the game’s steep learning curve. It may take longer than normal for newbies to get a grasp of the game and start enjoying longer playing time without dying.

Surviving in the harsh conditions of the game and fighting off other players who would want a piece of you or your supplies is hard but with a little help you should be able to navigate this difficult terrain.

Whether you’re just starting or you’ve been playing Rust for a long time, you’ll find these tips particularly helpful.

Target Sweet Spots for Supplies

Sweet spots in Rust are places in the game where you will see a concentration of important supplies to loot. It is quite important to target these spots earlier on to get the materials you need to survive in this game.

Materials like wood are in high demand and probably the most used material in the game. You’ll need lots of wood for your construction.

You’ll need to have your mining tools ready when hitting these sweet spots to be able to collect these materials.

Choose a Suitable Area to Build

In Rust, building is a constant. You’ll build a lot of bases, weapons, and other necessities you need to survive in this place.

Choosing a suitable place to build your base can be dicey if you don’t know what to look out for. First, you want to be close enough to the materials you’ll need in building. Some of the materials you need to build in Rust are scraps, stones, and wood, so you need to build close to areas with lots of trees for wood, close to the road for scraps, and close to mountains for stones.

Places you should avoid if you’re just starting are in populated areas and quite close to the road as you’ll be a hot target for other players looking to loot other bases.

Take Audio Cues

The game always gives you cues in its sound and if you pay attention you’ll hear things like footsteps of other players when they are approaching you even before you see them.

Even the footsteps of animals are distinct and you can differentiate between all the footsteps sounds in the game by learning how they are different from each other.

The only way you can hear the sound clearly and be able to differentiate the sounds is if you’re using a quality gaming headset to play the game.

Avoid Drawing Attention to Yourself

Try as much as possible not to draw attention to yourself when playing Rust. You’ll just be setting yourself up to be attacked by other players and even zombies on some servers.

Avoid making loud noises, walk rather than run in crowded areas except when necessary. Do not cook in the dark as that would be you sending a signal to other players around you. They can easily follow the smoke and fire to your location and attack you.

The better you are at going unnoticed, the longer you’ll be able to survive in this game.

Hide Your Valuables

You don’t want to run the risk of losing some of your most prized assets to looters. Make sure you stash some of these items away in a hidden location.

To do this, go to a hidden location and hide your guns, and other hard to come by materials. You will have to remember this location if not you’ll not be able to find your stash later on. One easy way to remember your stash location is by doing a screenshot of the location.

Use Cheats

Although frowned upon by some gamers, cheats are a sure-fire way to survive longer in Rust as a beginner looking to last longer or even as an experienced player looking for a new twist.

These cheats can be anything from aimbot for improved aim to sensory perception. There are several cheats and hacks you can use. Check battlelog’s website to learn more and get started.


These hacks will improve your survival chances in the unforgiving Rust game and help you fight off other players looking to have a piece of you or steal your supplies.

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