Best Ideas to Make Money Online in 2024: Start an Online Business and Earn an Income from the Internet

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Making money online in 2024 is one of the hottest topics amid rising inflation. With billions of people (potential customers) coming online and using social media platforms, the potential to make money off of the internet is huge. For this article we scoured several Reddit threads to find out the most interesting ideas to make money online this year.

Solve a Problem Through Smartphone App

One of the most popular ways to make money online in in 2024 according to Redditors is building apps. Yes, making money by making and selling smartphone apps isn’t an outdated idea, as billions of people are still hooked to their phones and browse app stores for apps to solve their problems. A Redditor who makes money from this business model said he’s always on the lookout to solve a problem using phone apps. Here’s the comment:


I sell them for 5 dollars on the App Store and people buy it. If you want more money, you can add subscriptions.

The Redditor also cautioned people to stay away from making fancy apps that no one would use. Instead, make apps that would solve other people’s problems.

If you’re going to build another SnapChat, good luck with that. If you focus on a very small problem (let’s say lonely 80 year olds that are looking for a buddy in your country only), that’s already better. And learn about marketing, get creative.

Online Coaching

If you are good at something, anything, just pitch yourself as a coach online and start giving people lessons. The niche can be anything – math, marketing, karate, gaming, speaking (languages), dating skills, the list goes on and on. Here is a comment for a Redditor for motivation.


“I’m a GMAT Coach (test prep tutoring for MBA applicants). I do 1-on-1 tutoring ($250/hr) over Zoom, group classes, and curriculum consulting. It’s much more scalable to sell a video course, but it’s a huge undertaking to do well and there’s lot of very well-established companies out there.

Selling on Etsy

Selling items on Etsy is one of the best ways to make money online in 2024 according to Reddit based on our research. This is something anyone can do given they put in the hard work. Here’s a comment from a Redditor for motivation:


“My wife makes stuff and sells it on Etsy. Some digital stuff and some physical goods that are printed + shipped by Printify. She doesnt do much marketing, nor does she make much money doing it, but the few sales she gets, pays for a daily coffee, lunch etc. She could make more if she spent more time marketing, creating content around her products, etc all of which can be done for relatively cheap, if not free.”

Selling on Etsy won’t bring in much money in the start but if your product is good and you execute smartly and have perseverance, you income can grow. A Redditor who sells jewelry, bracelets, necklaces and earrings told how much they make:

“$1200-$1600/month Last Pre Christmas & Christmas time $2200-$2600/month.”


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