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Best Innovative High-Tech Gadgets for Your Living Room

Best Innovative High-Tech Gadgets for your Living Rooms

Imagine a device that could teleport you from your living room to your room or anywhere you want in the world. How about a device that takes you 20 years further in time?…Wow! That’s amazingly cool.

Don’t get your hopes high- scientists haven’t built these devices- yet (chuckles).

However, these super amazing gadgets will give your 2019 living room a sleek look. 

1. Unravel Portable Fast Wireless Charging Station

Best Innovative High-Tech Gadgets for your Living RoomsTo be frank, our phones are our best companions- helps us reach to long lost friends, helps us kill boredom with awesome video games, watch the latest movies without going to the cinema…the list is endless. An addict would be bored to death without a phone.

So, how about a device that allows you to charge your phones super-fast. Like you don’t have to wait to boost your phone just to check the engagements on your twitter account or check the scores of the Manchester Derby. Not only that, but it is also wireless and portable- just designed for the 21st century. Put it into the triangle stand position, which is optimized for face-time or video playback while you charge.

Fold it up to save space and charge 1 device OR easily pack it up in a neat portable stack and fit it into the Unravel travel case. It comes with a USB Type-C PD input so you don’t have to worry about bringing an extra cord: you can charge Unravel with the same charger as your MacBook.

Best Innovative High-Tech Gadgets for your Living Rooms2. Rollable OLED TV

Imagine you rolling your television and transporting it wherever you go- pretty cool huh? That’s exactly what LG is bringing to the table with their new OLED television. The idea is to create a television which can be easily transported from room to room coupled with access to Amazon Alexa. That’s not all. Its amazing UHD (4k) resolution is enough to keep you glued to it all day.

3. Tonal Intelligent Fitness System

If you are the type that loves personal workouts, this is for you. The manufacturers, Tonal, combined a whole gym and a personal trainer into one system just for you. Relax- you are not turning your house into a gym. With it being mounted on the wall, this system is space-efficient.

Best Innovative High-Tech Gadgets for your Living Rooms4. Fireplace Insert Blowers

If you have a fireplace, you need an insert. Fireplace inserts do well to bring out the antique fireplaces were originally intended to produce. However, they do not effectively perform the job of circulation of heat, especially during cold weather.

That’s when fireplace insert blowers come in handy. The fireplace uses the blowers to draw in cool air from the room through a well-vented panel. As cool room hair is taken in, heated air is let out.

5. Samsung Galaxy Fold Smartphone

This is perhaps the biggest hit by the smartphone industry in 20Best Innovative High-Tech Gadgets for your Living Rooms 219. Allow me to state the spec. With colors ranging from space silver to cosmos black, an internal RAM of 12GB, a whooping in-built 512GB memory and the main display screen up to 7.3 inches, be sure to get the best out of every movie you watch or game you play.

With this smartphone, be sure to experience both phone and tablet in one device. Again, it has a breakthrough camera system to capture all the epic moments of your life. No need to worry, you have a 4235mAh battery – just enough to last the entire day. With Samsung galaxy Fold, the future has come.

Wrapping up

With these gadgets, be sure to make your living room more cozy and comfortable than it has ever been

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