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5 Best Instagram Accounts for Interior Design Inspiration and Furniture Ideas

Lets’ face it. We spend most of our lives in the indoors these days. Your interior defines your mood and feelings daily. Just change the lighting of your room and you will feel an instant rush of new feelings. Designing an excellent interior is quintessential if you want to live a peaceful and productive life. We tend to buy expensive furniture but fail to utilize space optimally. In order to set your furniture optimally, you need to have an inspiration. The best inspiration comes from the furniture and interior experts, who are kind enough to share their daily dose of inspiration on their Instagram accounts. Following are the best Instagram accounts to follow if you want interior design and furniture inspiration. Design evolves in all directions and you can read the article about graphic designers to follow on instagram

Best Instagram Accounts for Interior Design Inspiration and Furniture Ideas

Green and Mustard

Green and Mustard Instagram account gives you an excellent inspiration of bedroom design. The account is full of excellent photos of minimal beds, colorful indoors, curtains and more.

Abigail Ahern

Abigail Ahern is a UK-based interior designer. Abigail Ahern’s account on Instagram has about 70,000 followers. The account posts interior design inspiration and furniture ideas on just about every part of your home, including kitchen, bathroom, lounge.

Alyssa Kapito Interiors

Alyssa Kapito Interiors is a New York-based  interior designer who is running her Instagram page. The account has more than 90,000 followers. This is one of the best interior design accounts to follow because it is full of furniture and interior ideas for lounge, bedroom, kitchen and bathrooms. The photos are amazing and you can show them to your interior designer to spruce up your house.

My Scandinavian Home

My Scandinavian Home has over 108,000 followers. The account is run by Niki Brantmark. The account has loads of content on design inspiration. This Instagram account will give you a lot of ideas on the type of chairs, tables, beds and stuff you want to put in your house.

Ryan Korban

Ryan Koban has over 100,000 followers on Instagram. This interior design and furniture inspiration Instagram account shares ideas that are doable and also affordable.


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