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Best Instagram Accounts for Regular Gym Motivation

by Fahad Saleem

Going to the gym regularly is one of the most demanding tasks. Our brain wasn’t programmed to intentionally do all the effort just to gain muscle mass. Our ancestors thousands of years ago were fit not because they used to go to the gym daily, but because their lifestyle was based on constant movement and heavy load lifting. Sadly, the technological revolution made us live a sedentary life. No wonder you feel exhaustion within 10 minutes of running on the treadmill. Our brain cannot just figure out the point of running pointlessly on a machine.

That’s why we need motivation. Lots of motivation, daily. If you want to go the gym regularly, you cannot achieve the task without getting some sort of external motivation. And the best motivation and advice come from humans who are doing it perfectly and constantly. Follow these Instagram accounts to get your daily dose of gym motivation.

Best Instagram Accounts for Regular Gym Motivation

Brian Shaw

Brian Shaw, the winner of the world’s strongest man title in 2016, 2013, 2015, and 2011 runs Instagram page Shaw Strength where he shares the ultimate gym motivation. He shares photos of him working out in the gym, eating healthy meals, protein shakes, gym machines and much more.

Cade Cowdin

Cade is an ultimate fitness coach who focuses on high intensity training to blast your body for strength, power and fat loss. He has his own facility of high power training. You can also follow Cade’s YouTube channel to find out innovative exercises.

Bradley Martyn

Bradley Martyn is one of my favorite fitness coaches. His posts always fuels the will to move. Bradley also has a pretty famous YouTube channel and a website where he gives training sessions to millions of people.

James Harrison

Football linebacker James Harrison runs an Instagram page where he shares the best gym advice. He corrects forms, give tips on health subjects like cupping, acupuncture, and hydrotherapy.

Curtis Williams

Curtis Williams is a former NFL athlete. He is now a coach and trainer. His Instagram is littered with high performance fitness training stuff. Curtis also believes in HIIT, and you will get tons of ideas to grill your fat with limited resources.

The Rock

No list of best Instagram accounts for gym motivation could be complete without a mention of The Rock, the god of fitness and muscle building. With 88.9 million followers, the Rock’s Instagram seethes with motivation and positive vibes. You just have to follow the account and see daily posts to get that adrenaline rush necessary for gym.

Tony Snetmanat

Tony Sentmanat is a famous athlete whose Instagram posts are a source of gym and fitness motivation forever 660,000 followers around the world.

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