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Best iPhone Apps of 2018: Download These Amazing iOS Apps Now

by Fahad Saleem


Apple’s App Store is loaded with countless apps to fill up your iPhone. The list below of best iPhone apps 2018 is compiled of apps that let you do something different from just scrolling Facebook or Instagram. These are beneficial, entertaining and state-of-the-art apps you will surely admire.


This app lets you track your deliveries from FedEx, DHL or UPS. It can fetch your delivery numbers from your email and track the package easily. Deliveries app sends notification when the package is on its way and you can see the package movement on a map.


An amazing app that lets you block all the annoying ads by using iOS content blocking features through which you can customize the ads you want to block. Moreover, you can set specific pages where you want to see all the content and ads.


An app ideal for all the nature lovers. It is meant to leave your phones and live through the real world escapades. The app covers 20,000 different places with 25 kinds of activities like hiking, kayaking.


A podcasting app through which you can record a full podcast with your iPhone as currently podcasting is a hot medium. It can cut the audio based on pauses, so you can edit your podcasts without any difficulty. Moreover, it lets you come across podcasts from other creators using Bumpers app.


A night out with friends and you find it annoying to divide up the bill? Tab makes it easier by scanning your receipt and dividing up tax and tip so that everyone can easily pay for what they have ordered.


An app based on augmented reality capabilities which allows you to envisage your ideal home by capturing the picture of a room and then filling it with virtual furniture. Now you can easily decorate your house with this high-tech app.


It uses 3D graphics to let you experience the world in the same way it actually is. JigSpace allows you to see the sights like a virtual object by using Apple’s augmented reality feature.


This app lets you create different characters and objects on your iPhone that you can print, deft fold and glue them to construct. Its interface is very easy and first-rated. You can start off drawing by simply using templates available on the app and then doodle on it with pen or add stickers. Moreover, you can download images created by other users too.

Sky Guide

An essential app which helps you realize your place in the universe. Sky Guide shows you locations of planets, stars and constellations by using AR-like interface. Position your phones towards any direction and the app will reveal names of planets and stars which are visible.


A useful app for restaurant reservations and discovery. It lets the user search for restaurants based on cuisine, distance and date. You can view the desired restaurant on a map along with its business details, reviews, menus and photos. Moreover, OpenTable lets users book available tables, update reservations or invite guests and ask for RSVP through the app. It has more than 43,000 restaurants worldwide.




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