Best iPhone Games 2015


This has been a great year. The iPhone world has been dazzling and shining all through the year with all the new launches and releases. And now with the new year knocking at our doors, it is time we review the best iPhone Games of the year 2015. Get ready to download some pretty awesome stuff after this review.

Infinity Blade III

Price: $6.99

Craft your own weapons, create your own potion, build your own armor and fight the heck out of it! The third in line of the furious swipe-and-tap combat games is not at all disappointing and will keep you occupied for quite some time. This is one action packed game you wouldn’t want to miss out on in 2015.

Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft

Price: Free

It is a fun, free and epic digital collectible card game that you could learn easily and play across various platforms (Android, PC, iPad) as well. It is an addictive game and lets you play as one of the greatest heroes of the Warcraft universe. Earn gold and raise your booster packs and fight epic duels and summon your minions to fight alongside you. This one easily grabs a slot in the best iPhone games 2015.

Trivia Crack

Price: Free

It is the brain cracker, so to say it. Sports, art, entertainment, science, geography, history, you name it! It has got all the challenges you are ready to meet. Play it alone or expand the fun by networking it with Facebook friends, this brain challenger will not disappoint you at all. Certainly one of the best iPhone games 2015.

FTL: Faster Than Light

Price: $9.99

If you are a fan of strategy games and star wars at the same time, this is your go to game. Being the captain of Federation Starship you are supposed to outfight the rebel armada and protect your Federation. Navigate to uncharted space, evade or fight the pirates while keeping your fuel tanks in check, are some of the numerous adventures this game is going to offer you.


Real racing 3

Price: Free

It has the most beautiful race tracks and the most realistic looking cars to offer you a majestic racing experience of your life. It has multiple game modes, some of which include time trials, standard races and time shift multiplayer mode. Go on don’t hold your throttles back, it is for sure one of the best iPhone games 2015.


Shadowrun: Dragonfall – Director’s Cut

Price: $2.99

It is year 2054 and the world is not what you would expect it to be. It is a world filled with Elves and Trolls and violent machines, where you are stuck as a showrunner. It is a unique cyberpunk-meets-fantasy game which has developed its own cult ever since its creation some 25 years ago. It is a classic, RPG style, story driven single player game to let you command your team in the game and have a fun-blast in real life.

Monument Valley

Price: $3.99

In this one of the best iPhone games 2015, you will manipulate impossible architecture and guide a silent princess through a splendidly beautiful realm. It has got geometrical designs inspired from optical illusion and M.C Escher prints. Although the game was launched in 2014 but it still occupies the top slots in the best games of year 2015 as well.

Walking Dead: The Game Season Two

Price: Free


A sequel to Game of the Year award-winning story of an orphan girl who has been left at her own to face the apocalypse. It is her survival that is in your hands and the choices and conditions are pretty rough. The game consists of five episodes with diverse situational decision making at your hand.

The list could go on, but we have chosen the very best of the best iPhone games 2015 for you which you would actually like to download and play.

Hope this pack of gaming entertainment keeps you occupied enough. Enjoy


images:, harebrained-schemes, moddb


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