Best iPhone and iPad Apps from September

Best iPhone and iPad Apps from September

With the release of iOS 8, plenty of useful apps have been released in September for iPhones and iPads. This article presents some of the best iPhone apps from September to give you a glittering list of options to increase the arsenal of your iPhone apps. The mentioned apps are also for iPad.


iOS 8 provides support for third party apps. This fact opens the door for apps of various kinds. Most importantly, people are able to get rid of the stock keyboard app of iPhone and enjoy more elegant, predictive, and the smart keyboard option in the form of SwiftKey. The keyboard learns from your typing trends. It monitors your posts from social media to predict words for you. Another great alternative is Fleksy.


It is an impressive iPad app for quickly publishing photos, videos, and texts in the form of shareable stories. It has also arrived for iPhone users also. The Kawano’s design and UX credentials, including iPhoto, Aperture and Photoshop are easily visible in the photoshop. This is a minimalist, intuitive, and relies mostly on your gestures.


It may appear to be a very simple app, but it provides you some great figures and statistics. It tells how many times you check your mobile phone. It may even lead to a life-changing habit of keeping your phone in your pocket most of the times. You can compete with your Pals to see who is more addict to using smartphones.

FIFA 15 Ultimate Team

The masterpiece of EA sports in the form of FIFA 15 Ultimate Team was launched last month. The wonderful game includes more than 10,000 players from 500 teams. You can build your dream team and play with it. It differs from the conventional FIFA games due to the requirement of unlocking your players from the team.


Manual is yet another handy little camera app that offers plenty of customization options. It contains easy-to-use slider bars from where you can control the camera parameters. You can adjust the shutter speed, white balance, ISO, focus, and exposure compensation.


Kevin, the Digg founder, launched this app last month. It is a wonderful iPhone app for sharing temporary photos and videos.

The app shows you a grid of 212×212 pixel photos and videos from the people you follow. These items are temporary though, and get automatically deleted after 24 hours. The basic concept of the app is based on the Explore/Hashtag views that you see on the Instagram.


These were some of the useful iPhone and iPad apps from September. As the time moves forward, you will see more fantastic apps to utilize the features of iOS 8 to allow the third party apps for the first time.





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