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Best Kids Movies Every Kid Must Watch for Learning and Fun

by Fahad Saleem

You have to do all the house chores, but your kid won’t stop crying and fussing over? The best thing you could do is to play him a good cartoon or animated movie, which could make his mind eager and intrigue them for further inquiry of the world. Best kids movies 2016 and from the past are the options you should go for to make your kid busy. You can also play kids movies if you have to go out for an important work. Without any further ado, let’s see the all-time best kids movies.

Inside Out

Inside Out is the perhaps the best kids movie you can make your kid watch. This movie gives embodiment to human emotions and shows how one can control and play around with his own emotions like anger, disgust, happiness, sadness and likes. This movie has broken all the records and currently trends amongst the all-time best movies.

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Up is a great animated kids movie which shows a cute kid and an old man who develops a strange friendship with the kid. Your kid won’t stop laughing seeing this movie.

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Finding Nemo

It is a great movie featuring the underwater life, where a cute fish named Nemo gets lost in the waters, and her friends take it as a mission to find her and save her from the threats, and sharks lurking around her.

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Toy Story Series

You might have heard about the Toy Story a lot. But you will be surprised to know that it has entered into its third part, featuring the same, legendary, Woody.


The LEGO Movie

This movie will not only infuse an interest of Lego toys in your kid, it will also let you spend him time in a positive way, as this movie sharpens the mind and thinking abilities in a peculiar way.

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The Jungle Book 2016

If you think that your kid will get bored of the legendary 1967 Jungle Book movie, you must know that The Jungle Book movie 2016 has surpassed all the popularity records, and it is one of the most favorite kids movies.

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Released in 2007, this amazing animated movie continue to grasp the attention throughout the world. Amazing plot and superb animations don’t let even adults leave their kids, let alone kids.

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Chicken Run

A chicken spearheads a masterplan to run from the evil owner who has put them in a barn under harsh conditions. Amazing movie filled with endless laughter and adventure.

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Monsters, Inc.

This movie shows a monster toy company, under the stores of which monsters get back to life and do all the funny things you could imagine. This movie will trim the traditional monster fear in your child’s brain.


The Muppets (2011)

A Muppet fan rallies all the support to save a Muppet studios, which is under threat from a businessman who wants to raze it for a business venture.

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Hugo (2011)

This amazing movie features an orphan boy who lives in trains and mantain chains and train gears for food. Hugo has nothing except a mysterious device and a notebook given to him by his father. Hugo later finds out these things are the key to his success in later life.

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How to Train Your Dragon

Hiccup the Viking decides to hunt the dragons like his famous father, but ends up befriending one. An interesting quests thus stars for Hiccup. This movie has gone super famous and garnered massive business and interests around the world.

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WALL-E, or Waste Allocation Load Lifter Earth-class is a tiny cute robot who is the last one of his family having the responsibility to lift the garbage that humans dump. This great movie will give a strong message to your kid, along with entertaining him.

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