Best, Most Popular TikTok Videos for Kids

TikTok, an application that gained popularity and became the most downloaded app in 2018 among the kids and youngsters, is a media application for creating and sharing real and short videos. This application is a fun social network of music videos with a lot of potential for millions of users.

It’s a great source of entertainment for kids. They create short music videos on TikTok by choosing from hundreds of thousands of songs and using a bunch of tools and share them on the application. Based on the likes and views, their videos get fame among many other videos. Moreover, besides making videos with TikTok, it’s also fun for kids to check out some of the creations of other users through countless entertaining videos at the touch of a button. These videos can be liked, commented and shared with friends.

TikTok provides a collection of great short videos for kids. Here are following few best videos for kids created on TikTok:

  • With the hashtag of “#pikachu”, there are several videos for kids that are much entertaining. These videos have been created on the original song: “saitejabolthe”.
  • Ice-cream trick video created by @veyselbolat46 has 2.2 million likes. Seller of an ice-cream gives a little kid an ice-cream through a trick to make him happy.

  • A cute puppy is bringing a stuff toy and after throwing toy, it sticks out its tongue in the video. The video got 1.9 million likes.
  • The video created by @2177795122 shows the Pikachu parade and the way all Pikachus align in the line and walk in harmony. This video got 288.5k likes on it.
  • A little boy in black dress walks in a heroic style in the video created by @sapana__chaudhary on the song “vitasta”. This TikTok got 596.6k likes.
  • A video created by @sonanjalsharma depicts the true love for the pets. An old man loves his pet dog, gives it food to eat, bathes and takes care of it. This cute video got 1.3 million likes.
  • Big, fat cat with a long mustache and beautiful eyes shows attitude that goes exact with the song in the video, having likes: 114.4k.
  • The video, with 49.7k likes has been created on a little cute kid with blue cat eyes.
  • A cute puffy cat wears sun glasses in the video, in such a classy style. This video got 143.2k likes on it.
  • The video created on the jets show in the sky has been liked by 144.5k users of TikTok.


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