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Best Movies Every Programmer, Hacker, IT Person Must Watch

by Fahad Saleem

Movies are an integral part of your learning curve. If you have a habit of watching good movies, you will stand out among the majority. I am not talking about useless movies that people mostly watch just to kill time. Movies which pack depths and meaning, learning and real fun are worth watching. If you are a person from the field of IT, programming, software, hardware anything geeky, here are the best movies you should watch.

The Social Network

This movie basically portrays the life and struggle of Mark Zuckerberg and the birth of Facebook. It shows how Facebook’s idea struck a guy living in a dorm in Harvard University, embattled friendships, lawsuits and jealousies. It has received a number of awards and is intensely popular among the tech people.

A Beautiful Mind

A classic masterpiece of Russel Crowe. In this great, all-time hit movie, Crowe acts as a professor who delves deeper into cryptography projects and his life takes strange turns. It’s a must watch for anyone in the field of software, hacking, programming and mathematics.

Middle Men

Middle Men, released in 2009, is a great comedy film, which shows the hidden dirty business of porn hosting and glamor industry. It has a great rating on movie rating websites and you should watch it if you are in a mood of some comedy.

Pirates of Silicon Valley

This is a TV film from 1999 which shows the stories, lives and struggles of tech billionaires like Steve Jobs, Bill Gates and Elon Musk.

Imitation Game

This move is based on the true story. It shows the life and struggles of the famous mathematician Alan Turing, who is hired by the government during the World War 2 to break enigmatic codes of the Nazis.


A high school computer geek is searching for a game on the internet when he ends up at the terminal of a nuclear facility system of the government. He breaks and hacks into it and sees the nuclear threat from the Soviet Union. The story takes thrilling turns and the student has to save the world from the impending world war 3.

Hackers (1995)

A couple of teenage hackers break into the system of a major oil company to crack a large fraud plan. They have a limited time to get real proofs of the embezzlement before the police arrives at their door. It is one of the famous movies of renowned actress Angelina Jolie.

Antitrust (2001)

A young computer programmer gets a dream job, becomes career-centric, dumps friends, only to find out down the road that the boss of the firm has an eerie character and questionable practices.

Sneakers (1992)

A computer hacker heading a specialized team helps companies in San Francisco to beef up their cyber-security. He is approached by NSA people for a task. The hacker later finds out that these people were rouge agents. Things take a wild turn from here.

The Net

The Net is a great movie in which famous actress Sandra Bullock acts as a freelance security and hacking expert. Unknowingly she gets involved in a complex conspiracy from which she has to get out to save her life.

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