Best New Android and iOS apps From October 2015

2015 is heading up fast towards its completion. Although it’s still two months to go before we dive into the fun season, the month of October has not been any short of it nonetheless. The world of the apps on both Google Play store and App Store is also catching up, bringing up new and exciting apps this month as well. As the developers had a lot to add to the stores, we have taken it upon ourselves to bring to you a wrap up of the best apps that both the app stores have offered to their users this previous month. Let’s have a look:

Drivemode (Android)

Price: Free

Drivemode is an app built for drivers. It helps the drivers easily use their phone for navigations, listen to music and even call and text with minimal distraction. The app aims to keep the driver’s attention focused on the road while assisting them in using their phones with enhanced graphical user interface and quick app access icons.

Lookmark (iOS)

Price: Free

Lookmark is a smart app which lets you collect (Lookmark) apps that you come across while browsing the internet or the App Store on your phone. You just need Lookmark the app that you’d like to install later, and it will remind you automatically. The app is also available as chrome extension. This app has been featured on Product Hunt on October 4 and would be a nice addition to your apps collection.

Plume (Android & iOS)

Price: free

Plume informs you in real time of the pollution level in your city, how it will evolve in next 24 hours and what would be the best time for you to plan your favorite outdoor activities. It can also give you personalized pollution reports and a warning regarding pollution peak. It is like planning your outdoor activities ahead with respect to pollution levels as you’d plan it with weather forecasts. The app is available on both the platforms.

Adobe Capture CC and Adobe Illustrator Draw

Price: free

Two great apps launched by Adobe are free of cast and are full of productivity for designers and creators. Capture CC is a design app that lets you create things like brushes, stamps, shapes, stamps and other similar things to be used later. It comes with Adobe Creative Cloud support. Adobe Illustrator Draw is a drawing app that can help you draw vector shapes, using layers and multiple other tools. Great apps for creators and artists.



Assembly – Graphic Design For Everyone (iOS)

Price: free

Now that we are talking art and design and graphics, Assembly is one such app which has been a cool addition to the lot. It is a professional standard app built for not-so-experienced users. It lets you draw, create shapes, design beautiful logos, characters and illustrations immediately.


Parchi (Android)

Price: free

Parchi is a lightweight and handy note taking app that comes out of Microsoft’s Garage Project. It’s a quick note taking app available on the lock screen as well. It allows you to add tags as well to better organize and search the notes you scribbled in a jiffy.



Price: $3.99

It is a beautiful puzzle game based on a simple but enjoyable premise. With a swipe of a finger you can grow and shape your tree into the sunlight while avoiding the danger of a hostile world. Originally based on an experimental tree generation script, the app is about the beauty and joy of cultivation. It is a nice app to spend a little extra amount of money on.

These were some of the best new Android and iOS apps. The app stores are prospering by leaps and bounds. However, we have tried to dig out the best for you to save you the time and energy of finding the ones yourself. We are sure that every app on the list will definitely add to your productivity and joy in life.

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