Best New Android and iPhone Apps from September

September 2015, like every other month, experienced a boom in the influx of new Android and iPhone apps. The holiday season is approaching and a few months before it will be full of new apps and products. Let’s see what were the best new iPhone and Android apps of September.

Best New iPhone, Android Apps

The Stream App (iOS)

You went to a grand party, college reunion or a family trip. Some friends with good camera phones kept taking photos and now you are begging them to send those good photos to you. Sounds familiar? The Stream App for iPhone is here to solve this problem. During any party or trip, get free Cloud storage spot using this app, add all the friends you will take photos and start shooting. All the photos will be synched to the Cloud and everyone could download, use and share the photos from a single sharing point.

Vext (Android)

Vext for Android lets you send quick, funny GIF messages of Lil Jon with sound on Android devices. Vext is a keyboard app and could make things funny and interesting while texting with your friends.

6Tribes (iOS)

If you are a unique, creative person who only likes to hangout with people of their sort, but unable to find them around, 6Tibes for iPhone is for you. It lets you connect with people with common interests. You can make a “tribe” of like-minded people and create a new pool of material of your sort. Goodbye to useless, time wasting so called “friends” who have always drained energy and time out of your life.

Send (Android)

Send for Android is a WhatsApp like app which lets you connect with your friends and family in a quick, robust way. It supports GIFs too. It is made by Microsoft, so that means the app has pretty strong credentials and future.

Slash (iPhone)

Slash for iPhone is a great new keyboard app. But unlike other keyboard apps which are focusing only on GIFs and other apparently useless stuff, Slash lets you open and integrate multiple apps like YouTube, Spotify, Twitter, Foursquare, etc while texting. To open any app while texting, just type / (slash) and write app name. For example, if you want to open Foursquare while texting to search for places to eat, type /Foursquare and Slash will quickly open Foursquare app.

Khan Academy (Android)

With thousands of video tutorials on almost every programming language, skills and course, Khan Academy is hailed as one of the top education services. It has launched its Android app using which you can get more than 5,000 video tutorials at your disposal with the ability to view transcripts, notes, and lectures and save things for later use.

DAEMON Sync (Android, iPhone)

DAEMON Sync is perhaps my favorite app in the list of best new Android and iOS apps of September 2015. It’s launched for iOS and Android. It lets you get a private Cloud, share data easily within a closed network. You can get a completely private Cloud space where you can store just about anything from your phone. You can take backups, synch, transfer data between different phones and devices using that Cloud.

Think I missed some important app from last month? Shoot your suggestions in the comments.

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