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Best New Android Games You Shouldn’t Miss

by Fahad Saleem

New Android games keep making headlines daily amid the relentless game launches, thanks to the open source development platforms of Google’s powerful mobile OS. In the seemingly inundated market, one needs a guide on the best new games to filter out the boring and nonsensical games. So, without any further ado, let’s find out the best new Android games that are launched most recently.

Wonky Tower

This is a great new game in which you have to build quick structures and take your monkey up the ladder to get him bananas. This game has dazzling graphics and perfect mechanics backed up physics engine. You get entertainment and mind refinement, all at one place.

game 1

Romancing Saga 2

Just after a few weeks of its launch, Romancing Saga 2 is getting intense game, thanks to its impeccable, story based gameplay that grasps the user attention. This game is about Roman emperors. You get to personify a Roman emperor of your choice and experience the dynamics of the vast empire, wars, politics and action.

game 2a game 2b game 2c

War Tortoise

Launched in June, War Tortoise has garnered thousands of installs and awesome feedback. The plot is simple: you have to ride a “Tortoise Tank” packed with amazing weapons and unleash the brutality against your equally savage enemies who are armed to teeth with ammo and all sorts of deadly weapons. Graphics are just perfect and game play makes everything addictive for the players.

game 3b game 3c

Frantic Shooter

As the name suggests, this game is all about shooting. And war. You have to save the Galaxy from endless hordes of ugly aliens. You are equipped with guns and ammo and now it’s up to you. The game has sharp and colorful graphics, agility and stability. The feedback store and installs are impressive.

game 4a


In a fantasy world of Mourngard, you have deserted cities, dungeons and jungles infested with creepy creatures. You have to unleash your wrath using weapons and strength against your enemies. This role playing game is one of the best new Android games which you should definitely try. You get to choose a character and equip him with weapons and gear. Graphics are refined and game play is immersive and advanced.

game 5a game 5b

Track Train

Track Train is a cute and simple pixel art game. It is insanely addictive and has imbibed a massive number of downloads and good feedback since its launch. You have to lay down tracks for the train that is coming behind you and make sure it picks passengers across the stations. If you do a sloppy job, the train will crash you. This one’s my favorite new Android game.

game 6a

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