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Best New Android, iOS Apps from May

by Fahad Saleem

The month of May went quite busy in terms of the influx of apps on the app stores for Android and iOS, but that’s not something new; we see hundreds of news app every month. Let’s see some of the best new Android and iOS apps for May 2015. Not to mention, I will not talk about the same useless reiterations of apps like photo apps, theme apps. Like the past, I will talk about the new apps that could give some real benefit and are different from the other existing apps.

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Best New Android, iOS Apps

Snap Me [Android]

Snap Me Up is the perfect app for lazy people who just can’t stop themselves from snoozing the morning alarm again and again. This app won’t shut up the alarm unless you have snapped a selfie! So you will end up giving a forced smile to take the selfie, and a pile of photos will be saved to give you a reminder of your deep struggles.


QuizUp [Android, iOS]

You must have heard about QuizUp, the best quiz app which lets you take endless quizzes to check your general knowledge about any area like biology, physics, politics, science etc. This app is perhaps the best knowledge app. It’s not new, but I am mentioning it here because it just got a great update in May. It now has the feature of ‘gamification’ and social interaction. You could challenge your friends, beat them and brag on social media, make new profiles, challenge new people and much more.


Office Lens [Android]

Office Lens is the best addition to the productivity apps on the Google Play store. This is the official app from Microsoft. It lets you take a photo of any document, paper, book and covert it into a searchable PDF file, Word File or a PowerPoint slide. Amazing! Right? You could just snap photos of pages and make presentations, word documents out of them with this app.

office lens

New York Times Now [iPhone, iPad]

For all the news junkies, The New York Times just launched an app which lets you read all of its stories for free! Before this, the iOS app wanted a complete subscription. The interface of this New York Times Now app for iPhone is a great, card-based theme which makes you read more and more.


Shuffle [iPhone, iPad]

Shuffle app is a unique entry to the iOS apps collection. It lets you create a disposable, temporary email address and phone number to send or receive calls.


Android version of this app is in the making. The app is currently available for the users in North America and Canada only.

Images: TheNextWeb

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