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Best New Android, iOS Apps of July

by Fahad Saleem

We provide a roundup of best new Android and iOS apps every month to keep our thousands of readers updated with the latest influx of apps. July 2015 saw a myriad of new apps. Let’s have a look at some of the best new iOS and Android apps of June which could help you with your daily tasks, productivity, fun and life.

Best New Android and iPhone Apps

FailPop (iOS)

FailPop is a great free app based on a unique idea of cultural integration. If you are planning to travel to some country far off whose tradition, culture and language are alien to you, FailPop is for you. In the form of GIFs, this app shows you some basic tips to greet people, dining tips, general ethics based on the country you are visiting. Just tell FailPop where you are headed and the app will give you some quick course to learn the basics of interaction.

best apps 1

Send (iOS)

Microsoft has launched a pretty useful app based on a unique idea. Send app lets you do instant messaging with people whose number you don’t know. It is basically an email app, but with the mode of instant SMS based systems. Send cuts the chase and removes the need of making subject lines, composing, pressing send button and all the jargon involved in email. You can simply use Send to email people in the way we message people in WhatsApp or other instant messaging apps.

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Angry Birds 2 (Android, iOS)

Angry Birds, one of the most acclaimed and addictive mobile games of the modern mobile era has been refreshed with a new version. Angry Birds 2 has a lot of new levels, new cute birds, perfect game play and maps. The game is launched for both iOS and Android.


Lrn (iOS)

Lrn helps you learn coding. It is not completely free, though you can start with some basic free tutorials to get acquainted with programming concepts. You can unlock app the modules for just $2.99, or unlock a single module for $0.99. The app provides a great, interactive way to learn programming. Lrn is has some pretty basic and advanced lectures on JavaScript.

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TVibes (iOS)

TVibes is a Cloud based TV channel that lets you share, stream and watch videos. If you have dozens of interesting videos and want the world to see, TVibes gives you an opportunity to channelize the talent. There are different categories like Soulmate, Friends, Family, Everyone. The app is secure and you can set and control the audience. You can increase your follower, follow others to get fame, share interesting videos and much more.

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HBO Now was launched for iOS, much to the anguish of Android fans, but not anymore. HBO Now has been released for Android and Kindle devices too. It helps you watch video on demand, your famous TV Series and movies.

hbo now

Streaks (Android)

You get motivated after watching a video, get up, commit that you will go to gym daily, read books, but after a few days, everything gets vanquished and motivate gets diminished. That’s a common human problem. A great new Android app, Streaks, is here to help you. The app is based on the rule of Jerry Seinfeld, the famous comedian. The idea is simple: you add tasks in the app and sets goal to perform these tasks daily. The app will remind you periodically about the tasks and your goals.

hbo now

Booking Now (Android)

Booking Now, the hotel booking app that was launched for iOS earlier this year has arrived on Android. Booking Now made an astonishingly impressive start and garnered a lot of users. The idea is simple: you have a last minute hotel booking to do, you open Booking Now, contact the best hotels in your budget and do booking.




These are some of the best new Android, iOS apps from July. Did I miss something important? Shoot your comment down this post and let the world know about new interesting apps which were launched in July.


Images: TheNextWeb

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