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Best New Android and iPhone Apps You Shouldn’t Miss

by Fahad Saleem

We cover the latest apps every now and then to give you a roundup so you can use the best new Android and iPhone apps and get productive. It’s time to check out the new apps released in the recent weeks.

Vintage Design (iPhone)

This is a great app to make a logo, T-shirt design, a cover photo in literally a few seconds. Sometimes, presenting your message in a pictorial, logo form is the best way to guarantee a positive response. You can jot down text on any of the hundreds of logo-styled images available in this app, change the font and send it in the image form over social media.

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Circle SideBar (Android)

Circle SideBar is a great app to make your Android phone’s UI look like S7 edge’s edge panels. You can organize the apps in the circle panels and rotary wheels to style things up. You can select the apps by swiping through the wheel-like options using this app.

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My Reasons (iPhone)

Apart from the intriguing name, this app is really worthwhile your attention. It motivates you to achieve your goals in a peculiar way. If you have a goal, let’s say to lose and look like Tom Hardy one day, enter the goal in this app with a picture of Tom you love the most. My Reasons app will remind you about this goal with this image. It’s always useful to visualize yourself in the future to get motivated.

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Google Expeditions (Android)

Google is taking virtual reality to the next level. With Google Expeditions, you can tour virtually literally any place on earth, and even transcend the boundaries and see the outer space. You can tour underwater, historical places and other important locations. It is basically an education app which could guide you across the globe.

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Vysor (Android)

Vysor is a great new Android app to cast your Android phone screen on your computer screen or laptop. Just install the app and its companion Chrome extension. Within seconds, you will be able to see the your mobile screen content on your laptop or computer’s screen.

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Ikiru (iPhone)

If simple sticky notes do no suffice for you, and you need something advanced to organize your reminders and plans, Ikiru is the app you need. It has a simple, categorized interface using which you can organize and jot down what you need to do on daily basis. For example, there are tabs like Watch, Read, Groceries, in which you can write tasks to do and then later refer. The costs of this app is, however,  ridiculously high.

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