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Best New iOS and Android Apps of June

by Fahad Saleem

There was a heightened activity on the iOS and Android app stores for the month of June 2015. There were some pretty nifty apps, some reiterations of the previous apps, and apps with same useless ideas worthy of no mention. By the end of each month, we summarize the best apps from that month, and give you the most unique, useful and different apps for iOS and Android which could bring some good and usefulness in your life. Let’s have a look at the best new Android and iOS apps of June 2015.

Best Android and iOS Apps June 2015

PennyOwl [iOS, Android]

PennyOwl is a great app if you want to develop a sound understanding in your kids about finances, savings and money. It is basically a store with a great variety of toys, apps, games and kids’ products. You can set a small budget like $10, $20.. and give your kid to toy with the app. Kids can buy, sell items on this app. This way, they could learn how to spend, sell, purchase and all the money matters could be inculcated in their minds at a very basic level.

best apps june penny

Intel Remote Keyboard [Android]

Intel launched a great remote keyboard app using which you can control your Windows computer remotely from your Android phone. You can even type in the word documents using the Android phone keyboard, you can control volume, open menus, icons and all the stuff remotely by making your Android phone a remote control. The app works in a coupled way; there is an Android app which you will install and its PC counterpart which will work with it. You can download its PC client here.

best apps june intel remote

Sway [iOS]

Microsoft has launched a great new app “Sway” for creating web based long stories. But you can write stories in MS Word and other tools as well, eh? Well, the best part about Sway is that you can quickly compile photos, write text, jot down ideas and give them unique design and look, create photo-essays with impressive web based and mobile interactive designs. Another great thing about Sway is the easy which it gives to share your documents, ideas and stories with your friends and family. The app is available for iPhone, iPad and Windows Phones.

best apps june sway

Retype [iOS]

You know I don’t mention the new photo and art apps as there are more than enough existing good apps in this area. But Retype is a great new iOS app which retained my attention. It has a unique feature of giving your photos, posters an archaic and beautiful look with typography. You can type quotes and deep things on photos, add effects and themes to give a completely new looks to the photos and share them with friends.

best apps june retype

Pounce [Android]

Pounce is another decent app for Android. This app has simple, but useful idea: you come across anything impressive like a graceful shoe, a gadget, clothing, which you want to buy but don’t know where to get it; just take out your phone, launch the app, take a snap of the thing you yearn to possess and immediately, the app will show you the famous places where it is being sold and the rates. You can instantly order it from places like Amazon, eBay etc.

best apps june pounce

These are some of the best Android and iOS apps for June 2015. Think I missed something worthy of a mention? Feel free to share in the comments.

images: TheNextWeb

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