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Best New iPhone and iPad Apps from February 2015

Best New iPhone and iPad Apps from February 2015

February might be a small month, but it doesn’t fall short in terms of introducing awesome iPhone and iPad apps. The iOS users remained quite busy in February while enjoying their favorite apps. There is a huge list of interesting apps from social networking and games to beautifully crafted photographic apps. This post will sort out the best new iPhone apps from the huge pool of amazing apps released in February.

Trivia Crack

This is a wonderful gaming app that will engage your mind completely. You choose a category and the app will ask you a question based on the category. Some of the questions may appear easy, but some are really tough. You would be playing against real people. It’s basically a turn-based game that you can play when you feel convenient.


This amazing app will help you plan minimize your travel expenses. The app alerts you when the flight prices drop or rise so that you can plan accordingly. You can easily set your home airport and destination and the app will present the cheapest deals as compared to the days when you will have to spend a lot for traveling to your destination. This app will save tons of money for you.

CloudMagic Email

It is an integrated mail service that provides you the notifications from popular platforms like Gmail, Google Apps, Outlook, Yahoo Mail, Office 365, iCloud, and IMAP on one forum. You can easily add security locks like a passcode for accessing information. This app is quite exciting because you can get information from plenty of apps, saving a lot of time for you.


Vurb is a magical search tool aimed at simplifying the search results in the form of an attractive easy-to-view card interface. These cards will provide the main points about the item. It is very easy to create a deck of items for saving or sharing with friends.


It is an innovative free iPhone app that connects people all over the world who are thinking or taking part in something at the same time. The records are saved with the help of the device’s camera. It is a safe manner to share your private thoughts and feelings with strangers. Even the negative sensations in your mind can be shared and synchronized with others.


This is one of the best new iPhone apps that make you happy again when you are sad or getting bored. The app allows you to subscribe and infinitely scroll through plenty of interesting stuff like new stories, animated GIFs, funny videos and music.

You will find these best new iPhone apps really creative, innovative, and engaging. As we are moving ahead in 2015, the barrage of interesting apps will continue to grow.

Fahad Saleem

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