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Best New iPhone Apps from August

by Fahad Saleem

The month of August has seen many new and innovative apps rolled out in App Store. If you are an adventurer when it comes to trying new apps, or if you are the kind of person who would not like to miss out on any new apps available in the App Store – this is your place to begin. App Store is enormous and August has added some pretty cool stuff to it. So we have gone down and tried to dig up the best new iPhone apps from August 2015 to help you make a choice.

The apps are great. The offerings are wide ranging and we have tried to select only those apps which could really add to your daily life activities and give you a boost rather than pull you down with their impractical weight. We have not included any old app with only a new update launched in August and we have not included new apps just for the sake of them being new. Productivity and practicality is the basic criteria for our selection and we hope you would love them all.

So go on and find out what new apps your iPhone is going to be adorned with today.

Docs Offline – Editor and Word Processor

(For Microsoft Office Word and OpenOffice)
Price – $1.99
If you have always been looking for a word processor in your phone which could offer you all those functionalities a word processor should offer, then this is the app you always wanted. From creating a document to all the kind of editing, from drawing and handwriting to text highlighting and zooming, from spelling and definitions to undos and redos, this app is a mighty editor of all the Microsoft Office Word and OpenOffice documents; and to top it off – it lets you work offline too.

best apps 1

QuickKey – Custom Snippet Keyboard

Price – $ 1.99

This keyboard app gives you functionality with seems rather tiny but is really helpful and can make your online farm filling and entering all those login names and email addresses quick as a flash. We are talking no more typos in filling in your email while ordering something online and no more redos for entering the same old things everywhere online. It lets you add custom phrases that you can use in any app and make your life easier.

best apps 2

Microsoft Translator

Price – Free
A smart app in the list of best new iPhone Apps in August is the Microsoft Translator app. It is powered by a cutting edge technology that is also used by Office, Skype, Internet Explorer, Twitter, Yelp, eBay and many more. The iOS version of this app has been launched only this month and supports a very wide range of languages (50 to be precise). It corrects your pronunciations, translates your phrases in the desired language and also bookmarks syncs the translations between devices to be used later.

best apps 3
It is available on the Apple Watch so you do not have to take your phone out in messy situations and still get your message translated. The input can be verbal as well as typed in via keyboard.

Portal – Wi-Fi Transfers

Price – Free
While cloud storages and online sync of data has made the data sharing between devices a lot easier, there is still sometimes a need to transfer large amount of data or files from your computer to your phones. Portal is one such best new iPhone apps from August 2015 which uses your Wi-Fi connection to make such transfers quick and painless. It allows you to transfer multiple files or folder at once, transfer and automatically save pictures to your phone gallery and easily browse and share files you have transferred to your phone.

best apps 4


Price – Free

It is a group messaging app, but with more interactive approach. It lets you create polls among your group to decide on some issue, plan hangouts with everyone’s opinion or simply get answers to questions from everyone in the group. As we said the keyword for us for the selection of a list of best new iPhone apps from August 2015 was productivity and this app although being a group messaging app, adds productivity to the interaction with friends in a group chat. It helps decision making among a group of people and makes sharing fun and interactive.

best apps 5


Stuff Worth Reading

Price – Free
Yes you might have had many such apps on your iPhone in the past already but this is an app worth a try. A mélange of action, culture, news, fashion, sports, current affairs, and interviews, this app is a whole package for you. You can subscribe to many sources of your interest and then let this app create an enjoyable experience for you.

best apps 6

ReBoard – Revolutionary Keyboard

Price – $0.99
Yes it is again a keyboard app we are recommending in the category of best new iPhone apps in August 2015 – but it is no ordinary app and couldn’t be skipped. It has a unique feature- where being in one app you could make an entry in another app without really switching to the other app. For example you could make a calendar entry right from the WhatsApp without leaving it.  It lets you search for 19 powerful and easy to use actions (like Dropbox, Image search, Calculator etc.) and then perform the action right from the app. You could insert links in the app you are using, search and share images, search your Dropbox files and share links and all this while staying in the same app you are using. As we said, list of best new iPhone apps from August 2015 couldn’t be complete without it.

best apps 7

We urge you to go ahead and try some of these best new iPhone app from August 2015 and let us know how helpful our list and this year’s August has been to you. Don’t hold yourself back from new experiments and let the novelty of App store overwhelm you for a better over iPhone effect.

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