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Best New Movies that came out in March 2019

If you are a movies fan, well the movie makers factory has churned out some new goodies for your eyeballs. Here is a list of best new movies that came out in the month of March 2019.

Greta (March 1)

Greta is a tale of two ladies drawn together by a ‘lost and found’ purse on the subway. Well, a younger lady in her prime years and an older lady in her sunset years. The older lady is still hangover the loss of companionship as she lives alone, and is more than happy to make new friends.

The older lady has been planting her purse around the city with her address on it so whoever finds it can bring it to her. How unfortunate for the good soul kind enough to return the lost and found purse. Here’s a trailer of Greta:

Captain Marvel (March 8)

Here is a movie feminist and gender equity enthusiast will find appealing. Captain Marvel is a female extraterrestrial Kree warrior caught up between an intergalactic war pitting her people (the human race) against the aliens from Skrulls.

Captain Marvel once lived as Carol Danvers, a U.S. Air Force pilot before she nearly met her death. That is when people from Skrulls found her and ‘upgraded’ her human tissue into a superior alien hybrid with extraordinary powers.

Caught between the war between her people and the alien race,

Captain Skrull  begins having some part of her memory come back to her in bits and pieces. That is when she realizes she must not let the war pitting her people and Skrulls continue.

I’m Not Here (March 8)

An aging and debilated man finds himself with no power and a fridge running low on food. He then goes on a memory lane trip on his mind, remembering all the losses and mistakes in his yester-years. He is torn between forgiving himself and moving on with his life.

Captive State (March 15)

Captive State is a movies that features the lies in government, slavery, science fiction, and extraterrestrial life all in one movie.

The Hummingbird Project (March 15)

This movie will resonate well with all the aspiring Silicon Valley entrepreneurship. It is about fancy smart people who are making billions of dollars using cutting edge technology. It is all about high-frequency trading.

Us (March 22)

If you are looking for a movie to raise the hairs at the back of the neck, Us by Jordan Peele is a must-watch.

Dumbo (March 29)

A movie about an elephant with oddly huge ears. It is a great family movie, one that the kids will particularly enjoy.

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