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Best New TV Series and Shows Started in 2016

by Fahad Saleem

Millions of people are fans of TV series, seasons and TV shows. Every year interesting TV shows are launched by different entertainment programming platforms like HBO, Netlifx and more. 2016 was a great year in the entertainment industry. As the year concludes, let’s take a look at the best new TV series of 2016. We will only talk about those TV shows which got started in 2016. That’s why you won’t see Game of Thrones or The Walking Dead in this list. So don’t jump to the conclusions.


This is hands-down the best new TV series of 2016. This TV show is based on a bizarre science fiction, fantasy idea which revolves around a futuristic amusement park where people could come and live out their wildest fantasies on artificial consciousness. What’s more, Anthony Hopkins and Golden Globe winner Ed Harris are acting in the series.


This is the best new TV series of 2016. The plot revolves around two cousins with different approaches in life trying to move their way up in the rap industry.

Better Things

This TV series is about the life of a Hollywood actress who has three daughters, and she has to face all the difficulties and pressures of being a star and single parent alone.

Stranger Things

This is an insanely addictive TV show of 2016 which is based on the conventional, dark forces-based fictional plot: a boy disappears and the local police, the boy’s mother and his friends have to save him from the terrifying powers.

The Night Manager

An ordinary, but talented hotel worker is contacted by the intelligence service to help them in infiltrating in a network of criminals. For this daunting job, the man will have to become a felon himself, start a new life and get ready to face the brutal uncertainties.

The People v. O.J.: American Crime Story

This 10-episode series based on the famous trial of O.J Simpson is one of the most exciting and touching TV shows of 2016. This is based on a true story, and a book called “The Run of His Life”. O.J Simpson’s trial is also known as the “trial of the century”.

The Good Place

This is a philosophical TV series which shows a woman’s life after death after she is killed by a truck carrying erectile dysfunction products. After her death, the woman starts to understand the real meaning of being “good”.

Search Party

This is a dark humor TV series. The plot is interesting: four college friends start decoding the mystery of the disappearance of their acquaintance.

The Night Of

This is an amazing new season of 2016 in which a Muslim man is wrongfully charged with the murder of a young woman with whom he partied one night. His only chance to get out of the prison is a lawyer.

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