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The best Night Mode Apps for reading on your Android device at night/dark room

by Felix Omondi
night mode reading

This is no new news, blue light is terrible for your eyes. You get it from just about any screen, the notorious being your TV, laptop, and smartphones.

As for TV, it really is a matter of choice whether to watch it or not, sadly the same cannot be said for laptops and smartphones. You need these two devices for work, study, and communication. While you can avoid watching TV, it would be very hard to avoid your laptop, tablet, or smartphone. Due to work and life-related issues.

That said, does it mean you will have to bear with bright lights burning through your eyes at night? Certainly, that cannot be the case.

Android devices users are not as lucky as iOS devices users. Most recent iDevices from Apple come with the night mode feature built-in; though only a few Android devices have it. Some of the Android devices that come with a built-in night mode feature include devices running Android Oreo (the latest version of Android mobile OS) and Samsung Galaxy S8 and Note 8.

At its beta stage Android (version 7.0) had the night mode feature, and easily accessible. However, when Android 7.1 was rolled out, the night mode feature, though still available, was deeply embedded in the settings. You will have to work a little harder to enable it; while the feature is completely not available in Android 7.0 stable.

How to get the Night Mode in Android

If you don’t have a device running Android Oreo, or the latest Samsung flagship devices, or Android 7.1, you will want the following apps.

Twilight: This is the easiest DIY option in this list. It does not require you to root your device; simply download it from Google Play Store and install it on our device.

f.lux: There is also a Windows version of this app that we featured earlier and it really works great than the Windows 10 built-in night mode. More details about that here. As for this Android version, you will need to root your device; and if/when you do so, f.lux gives you much greater features and richer experience than Twilight.

lumen: This option also needs you to root your device, and it also comes with greater features than Twilight.

Of the three apps mentioned above, f.lux is the best for enabling night mode on your Android devices, while Twilight is the easiest to use for people you don’t have the time and patience of rooting their devices.

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