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Best Office Gadgets and Apps to Fight Distractions and Increase Focus

by Fahad Saleem

When I start working, countless distractions race towards me to take away my focus. Thoughts, Facebook, Videos, pinch to eat or read, wish to talk to colleagues for no reason, Reddit and whatnot- my brain seems to go haywire because it forces me to stop focusing and do random stuff. Focus is the single most important thing which could define your success in the modern world. Focus is rare. It doesn’t come by naturally. You have to build it. You have to channelize and harness the technoloigcal evolution of today to get focus and fight distractions. If technology has created distractions for you, it has also given you a lot of gadgets, apps and software to fight these distractions. All you need to do is to look at the right place. Here are the best office gadgets which will help you focus and fight distractions.

Audeze SINE headphone ($499)

You might ask, why headphones? And specifically why Audeze? Well, with the right headphones you can achieve two things: you can focus on the task at hand, listen to the video or audio calls with full focus and on the other hand you can cancel the noise that is coming from the outside. This way, you can increase focus. Audeze headphones use  planar magnetic technology which gives you detailed and dynamic sound.

Image: Inc.

Image: Inc.

SteelCase’s Cubicle

Working space is the key factor in your work. If your workspace is at the right place, you will have focus. If you are sitting at a place which has a lot of noise, bad placement and position, you will get a plethora of distractions. Brody WorkLounge and Workpod are designed to give you a separate and independent workspace. You can sit in this space and work. It will give you a look and feel of work. This is a cubicle with a back chair, working surface counter and a place where you can put your things like bags, cables, books and documents.

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So if you are a working at a place where they don’t have cubicles, and you have a hard time focusing, you can buy this temporary cubicle and boost your focus and productivity.

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Amazon Tap

This gadget allows you to get everything you want without moving an inch from your working desk. With Amazon Tap, you can listen to music, order pizza, launch Spotify and Pandora services and do a lot more with a single tap. You can also read and listen to the news separately on the Amazon Tap gadget and get quick weather reports. This would give you a separate space where you can quickly read the content and listen to music without disturbing your PC working environment and space.

Image: Inc.

Image: Inc.

You can sync this gadget with phone and computer.

Stay Focused with Chrome and Firefox Extensions

Here’s are great Chrome and Firefox extensions which lets you block all the websites and apps where you tend to waste time. We have a natural tendency to open the websites and useless videos when we feel drained or challenged. We try to deceive ourselves.

With StayFocused extension for Chrome, you can block the websites like Facebook, Youtube etc. So whenever you will unintentionally open these websites, they will be blocked and you will see a message reminding you of your work. This way, you can make the correct decision to go back to work in the nick of time.

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Leechblock for Firefox also blocks the content which is time wasting. You can apply a lot of checks and filters according to your needs.

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