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Best Personal Finance Apps for 2015

by Fahad Saleem

Best Personal Finance Apps for 2015

With the start of New Year, you must be planning your way to improve your financial situations and take your budget to a new level. For this purpose, proper financial planning and management is very important. In the age of digital era where humans use smart devices to solve their routine problems, there must be some personal finance tools which could aid business people optimize their budgets for 2015. Here, we discuss best personal finance apps for 2015.

HomeBudget with Sync ($4.99)(iOS)

Everyone likes to employ a smart budgeting system for tracking their expenses and liabilities. In this wonderful iPhone app, you have to manually enter your expenses and your preferences. The design and flow of app is really intuitive and it is quite easy to set up. The biggest advantage of this app is that it syncs our budget across various devices.

Best Personal Finance Apps for 2015 2

Spendbook ($1.99) (iOS)

It is quite useful manual budgeting app for iPhone users that carries a superb design. The developers aim to make budgeting really a wonderful experience with the help of this app. You can easily keep track of your expenses and you can overview your weekly/monthly/yearly expenditures. The only drawback of the app is that it doesn’t sync data between various devices and also with the cloud servers.

Best Personal Finance Apps for 2015 3

Wally (iOS)

The simplicity of use and design are real assets of this app. This app tracks your income and expenses and projects your monthly savings. It removes the headache of preparing a detailed budget on your own. It focuses solely on your spending Vs saving Vs income ratio. The simplicity of the app is really appealing.

Best Personal Finance Apps for 2015 4

Billguard (iOS)

This app automates your entire budget and also alerts you when an unauthorized charge is imposed on your accounts or credit cards. The user experience is really enjoyable. It is a wonderful app is you are looking for an automated budgeting system.

Best Personal Finance Apps for 2015 5


This app also allows you to create a budget and input expenses manually. The design is light, and user-friendly. This is an ideal manual budgeting app for you. You can track and forecast money very easily. You can find the areas in which you spend more. You can also create a plan and project how much money you will have in the future.

Best Personal Finance Apps for 2015 6


This app automates the budgeting for you and performs all your financial calculations. It serves its function in providing overview of where our money stands. We always use it for tracking our net worth at the end of the month since it keeps track of balances of various accounts.

Best Personal Finance Apps for 2015 7

These best finance apps for 2015 must offer great budget management solutions for your business and domestic goals and objectives.

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