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Best PewDiePie Videos on YouTube

by Fahad Saleem

PewDiePie is famous for making comedy videos, most of which consists of him playing different video games in the horror genre. The YouTube channel with more than 36 million subscribers is owned by a Sweden man named Felix Kjellberg. He has the videos view of over nine billion. Here are the best PewDiePie videos on YouTube.

A Funny Montage

It is the first video uploaded by PewDiePie which has the most views compared to all other videos uploaded so far. It has more than 85 million views.


This is another one of the best PewDiePie videos on YouTube. Kjellberg has such a good laugh in the videos with the best screaming reactions.

To the Moon

It is one of the greatest of them all videos. The way he played this epic game was very beautiful and meaningful. People believe that it is one of the best games played by PewDiePie.

Bitch Lasagna

This is the second most viewed PewDiePie video on YouTube with almost 78 million views so far. It is a disstrack on T-series. The song was made with the help of PartyInBackyard and edited by Brad.

Funny Gaming Montage

In this video, PewDiePie has made a collection of all his funny videos while playing various video games. The video has almost 37 million views with almost 600k ratings.

Jabba the Hutt

In this video, PewDiePie dedicates a song to Maya, one of his three pet dogs. Also, it features clips of moments of him from different videos.

A Ballsy Girlfriend

One of the best videos of PewDiePie consists of his girlfriend who is a famous fashion YouTuber, Marzia Bisogin. This video proves how they both love creepy horror movies. In this video, Pewd sounds very upset over what is going in the horror game but on the other hand, Marzia seems to be entertained by his reactions and doesn’t look frightened at all.


In this video, PewDiePie plays the horror game Nigthmare House 2 (2010). As the creatures get up close to his face, his gets more and more nervous. In such situations, he starts making loud jokes to entertain his viewers. He starts calling around different ghosts but when they appear, he screams like a little girl.

Amnesia: Custom Story

In this one of the best PewDiePie videos on YouTube, he plays the game Amnesia. This game makes him cry actual tears. The actual tension is built up when he is unable to beat the game. Like other videos, he makes funny comments and calls on monsters along with sending very loud screams.

Cryaotic’s Musical Number

It is an indirect funny moment which involves Pewd’s friend. In this video, he is playing the game Bloody Trapland (2013) with his friend and fellow YouTuber Cryaotic when suddenly the doorbell rings. As the doorbell rings, he excuses himself for a minute, leaving his friend behind to destroy his character.

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