Best Places to Go for New Year Celebrations 2018-2019

New year comes only once in a year, so make the most out of it. Many destinations around the world have a great reputation for holding amazing New Year’s celebrations. There are many places where the world’s best firework show takes place. Let the countdown begin. Here are the best places to go for new year celebrations.

Best Places to Go for New Year Celebrations 2018-2019

Sydney, Australia

This is the world’s first international city to greet the New Year at midnight. A major show of fireworks is shown at the Sydney Harbour with the Opera House and Harbour Bridge. During the new year, it is summers in Sydney so you can enjoy the city’s beaches too. The celebrations here are a bouquet of pleasing engagements.

New York City, USA

The most famous event on the New Year in New York City is the annual gathering of millions of people in Times Square. People gather to see renowned musicians and the ball drop, in which 12-foot-wide crystal ball drops downs One Times Square. Tons of confetti is dropped over everyone. Also, you can book a ride on a night-time boat on the New York Harbour to view the display of wonderful fireworks.

Edinburgh, Scotland

Another best place to go for new year celebration is Edinburgh, Scotland. You will get to experience music concerts, crazy dancing in the streets, and tremendous fireworks. The best place to see the firework display is the Princess Street Gardens.

Berlin, Germany

The new year celebrations in Berlin are greatly celebrated at the Brandenburger Gate where almost one million visitors gather to observe the display of huge, colorful fireworks. More than two kilometers of traditional treats of laser shows, lights, fun stage shows, and party tents are lined up.

Hong Kong, China

Hong Kong’s Victoria Harbour is lightened up with fireworks, lasers, and choreographed LEDs for the new year celebrations. You will get a chance to see the world’s most dramatic skyline light up which end up with a huge pyrotechnic dragon which spins across the sky.

Paris, France

It is obvious that the best place to go for New Year celebrations in Paris is on a boat to experience the remarkable fireworks show from the Eiffel Tower. Also, there is a live orchestra and a special festive menu for the new year celebrations.

Madeira Islands, Portugal

The fireworks in this one of the best places to go for new year celebrations are so huge that you would not want to miss them. They are the largest display of fireworks in the world. You can enjoy them from the deck of your cruise ship or from the port of Funchal. The sky is lit up with lights, colors, and hope in the new year which is about to begin. `

London, England

During the new year celebrations, London is a special place to visit. The city is all lit up to make the new year a memorable one. A spectacular display of pyrotechnics from the river on London’s famous South Bank is presented by the Mayor of London. This year there will be 8,500 performers including marching bands, acrobats, cheerleaders, and clowns who will be representing 20 countries worldwide.

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