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Best Places to Work in 2015

by Fahad Saleem

Best Places to Work in 2015

The jobs and career community Glassdoor has recently announced the list of 50 best places to work in 2015 across the US. Each December, Glassdoor analyzes the best places to work for the next year. The list is compiled after considering the reviews of the employees of the companies experienced over the past year or so. The individual employees rate several factors such as CEO leadership, overall satisfaction, career opportunities, compensation, and work-life balance. Let us have a look at some of the best places to work in 2015.

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The benefits, care, overall satisfaction, salary, and everything else is simply world class. The company attracts some of the best talent all over the world. The salary of a software engineer lies around $125, 311.

Bain and Company

The Bain has been a great employer. The work is challenging, interesting and exciting for the employees. The culture is incredible. This company aids the world’s leading industries and companies in their projects. The pay packages are quite handsome too, roughly around $137,000 for Assistant Consultant.

Nestle Purina PetCare

The corporate culture is simply the best in this company. It is the leader in the Pets product industry and has a great name in the pet care world. The company offers great working environment to employees. The salaries are really handsome, $96, 367 currently for Marketing Associate.

F5 Networks

The job at F5 Networks is challenging, intriguing, fun, and exciting. The company allows you to explore your hidden talents. The company offers great benefits in addition to the salary that keeps the employees interested at work.

F5 Networks basically provide solution for an application world. The company really aids organizations in expanding their cloud services, software deployed networks, and other services. The salaries are quite handsome, around $104, 723 for Software Engineer.

Boston Consulting Group

The company offers world class benefits to its employees. You will really enjoy the culture and team of the company. Lots of travelling is involved that is great for the lovers of recreation in the form of business. The company offers the highest standards in terms of consultation for various businesses. The services are mainly for large corporate clients. The pay package is around $142, 183 for the Consultant.


This is an excellent company with great compensation and work-life balance. It offers great benefits to the employees. It is by far the world’s leading integrated energy and technology company. The salary of a petroleum engineer is around $115,321 currently.


The company offers great pay and facilities. It is a diverse company that makes the work so challenging and interesting also. You will certainly enjoy the culture and working environment here if you are hard working. The pay for a Chasier is $9.70/Hour. The company operates more than 340 stores in a number of formats, including superstores, supermarkets, and gourmet markets.

In-N-Out Burger

The company offers calm and comfortable working environment for employees. Plenty of benefits will raise your satisfaction levels. The best reason for working for this company if due to its extremely positive people and their smiles. The pay package roughly amounts to $11.37 per hour for Associate.

McKinsey and Company

This company focuses rigorously on the professional development of employees. You will find great opportunities to grow your skills and talent. You will learn a lot. You can easily talk to anyone about anything. The current salary of Management Consultant Associate is $159,484.

Mayo Clinic

The company offers an extremely professional work environment. The state-of-the-art facilities will keep you engaged in the working environment. The salaries are quite reasonable ($46, 433 for Research Fellow). Great team work at the company will aid you in achieving your goals.

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You reviewed some of the world’s top companies. It is difficult to make up your mind when you compare the salaries, job satisfaction, competitive environments, facilities, culture, and friendly environment of these companies.


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