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Best Products at CES 2014

by Fahad Saleem

 Best Products at CES 2014

The rip-roaring and much anticipated CES 2014 is rolling out in its true colors, and there has been a plethora of amazing products that are certainly about to the change the technology trends throughout the coming year and beyond. In order to dwindle the spilled glitters, we have decided to take a ride through the show and jot the list of best products that are hitting the CES. Let’s get started

ParrotMiniDroneParrot Mini-Drone

These are without any doubt the most impelling gears at the CES. Drones are not going to be only the killing machines everyone is afraid of, they will be delivering you pizzas and products and making things easier for you. Enriched with sensors and two TIE figher-esque wheels, the mini-drones are depicted in CES and are gaining massive attention.

eyelock_myris_newsEyeLock Myris Iris Scanner

Biometic security taking new turns as EyeLock’s myris has been unveiled at the CES. It will allow you to login any site or your personal web outlet just by “looking” at the center and getting your iris authentication. Fingerprint scanning has never been as secure as there are some chances of lags glitches but EyeLock’s myris is certainly going to beef the lock up.

ford-cmax-solar-powered-car-designboom01Ford C-Max Solar Car

Have been wondering why the science giants and experts don’t inch towards solar power as a source for energy? Stop yowling around, it’s already here is CES. Ford’s C-MAX is solar powered, amazingly beautiful car that you would want to give a ride. The solar panels are meshed seamlessly in the car roofs. Claims tout that the car will attain 75% of the fuel needs from sun.

SamSungSamsung ATIV Book 9

The fancy and sleek Samsung ATIV Book 9 has really rocked the CES and it seems Samsung is now taking the competition by storms. Samsung bumped things up by rolling out 15.6-inch touch panel machine, getting the award of first laptop giving “lossless audio support”. It certainly takes the place in our top products of CES 2014.


Photo: Business Insider

Photo: Business Insider

Oculus Rift

By now you must have heard about the Oculus Rift, the virtual reality gaming console that you will simply “wear” on your head and get engrossed in the real impacts of the amazing games. The guys behind this revolutionary gaming headset are also at the CES 2014 stalls and introduced the new prototype of the Oculus Rift virtual reality headsets which is now dubbed as “Crystal Cove” having 1080p OLED display, improved position tackling features and depleted latency.


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