Best PS4, Xbox One Games Coming Out in 2016


Arrival of New Year is an event which brings an extra dimension of excitement for all the gamers out there. It is refreshing to think of all the new promising happiness that is associated with the New Year’s coming, but gamers definitely get an extra topping when it comes to the level of joy and expectations. The year 2016 is already being anxiously awaited for its promise to bring along mighty new games which we are so very eager to tell you about.

Here is a roundup of all the most talked about best PS4 games coming out in 2016, and not only this, there is also a mashup of best Xbox games coming out in 2016. So let’s see all the best PS4, Xbox One Games Coming Out in 2016

Uncharted 4 A Thief’s End

The game has no doubt kept us waiting since it was first teased in 2013. To add to the agony of waiting was the Sony’s announcement that 2015 is not the year we are going to see it coming out. Their indication suggests it is going to be out around in March 2016.

We have no clue how it is going to compare with the mesmerism of the Uncharted 2, but the early footage sends rather positive vibes. Nevertheless, we are quite sure that this tale of Nathan Drake and his brothers is surely going to meet the expectations of its global fame and would be one of the best PS4 games coming out in 2016.

Final Fantasy XV

It has been 10 years since the game is in development and has seen a lot of team changes including the new director Hajime Tabata. A road trip full of anime action, cars, camps and roadside diners, the adventure packed project is sure to bind us in its spell. Good thing: it is available for both the platforms.

Dead Island 2

You know Dead Island and the kill spree it is famous for. Its second part looks just like the same. The game has missed its 2015 release date and is now expected in early 2016. It is an action role playing survival horror video game set on worldwide survival experience. It is available for all the platforms.

Tom Clancy’s The Division

The government has collapsed amid an outbreak of a deadly virus and there is one organization left to unsettle the unavoidable after effects – the loot and plunder and the chaos and death. The games has spent the better part of year 2015 in anticipation, but we now know that it will be coming out next year to claim its spot in the best PS4 games coming out in 2016 and the best Xbox games coming out in 2016.

Street Fighter V

After a successful SF4 based on the theme of simplicity and going back to the origins, Street Fighter V is coming with a new flavor, replacing the focus attack tactic with V-triggers, V-skills and V-rehearsals. The game now gives each fighter his own pack of new and improved duel skills.

Mirror’s Edge Catalyst

It has been two years since their senior producer announced that we’ll be hearing from him soon! 2016 however seems to be a right guess for the launch of the sequel of cult classic Mirror’s Edge. Available for all platforms this is a great addition to the games coming out in 2016.

Doom 4

An old-school shooting game that has elapsed 11 years since its previous version is obviously long overdue now; and hopefully will meet its players in 2016. You’ll find yourself forced to pick up health packs and more ammunition bundles, but the hard work is quite amicably rewarded: you get to squish heads with your boots and cut the limbs off your enemies’ bodies. Not bad, eh? It is for all the platforms.

Dishonored 2

The familiar and ruthless duo of assassins: ‘Corvo’ and ‘Emily Kaldwin’ is going to see the light of the day with the sequel of Dishonored being released in 2016. Both the assassins have their unique sets of capabilities and you won’t regret choosing either one for lashing your wrath out on the world.

Homefront: The Revolution

Philadelphia in 2029 is ruled by a Greater Korean Republic and you along with your other buddy rebels are tasked to fight the guerilla way to take the city’s control back. The scenes are full of thunder and chaos with enemy being quite superior in technology and arms. The explosives are in plenty and they are exploding like crazy, and in all this mist, you are running for your life evading the hell firing enemy drones. The game definitely promises goosebumps and we are keeping our fingers crossed because err not, this is for sure going to be one of the best Xbox games coming out in 2016. It is available on PS4 and PC as well; so may be one of the best PS4 games coming out in 2016 as well?


It’s post-apocalyptic time and the world is in tatters. The game revolves around a female character and her robot-dog friend who are out there to fight for their survival. The humans in general are set to destruction and robots are their only friends left. There is not much available to us yet, but the game looks promising and is being anxiously awaited until the 2016 brings it along in June for Xbox One users. We are betting on the game being one of the best Xbox games coming out in 2016.

Horizon Zero Dawn

It is again one of those post-apocalyptic survival based game where you are up for survival. There is a bit of twist though. The enemies out there are Dinosaurs and the likes, but they are not dinosaurs per se rather they are mechanical robots hell bent on killing you. Interestingly, the weapons are not so modern and you’ll have to make do with axes and swords to kill the beasts. The game’s exact release date is yet to be announced and it will be available for PS4 users.

With this we come to the culmination of the list. We hope that our list of best Xbox and best PS4 games coming out in 2016 have stirred the excitement a little bit more and also help you choose your bets in the upcoming year.


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