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Best Static Residential Proxies in 2020


Suppose you want to surf the web anonymously, get past geo-restrictions on desired content, and retrieve data from web pages without being detected. In that case, a static residential proxy is a necessity. The purpose of a proxy is to hide your actual IP address so your data and location can’t be detected. An IP address allows others to track you, figure out where you are, and shield this information with an IP that provides more flexibility and privacy.

A residential IP is issued by an internet service provider and is associated with a specific location. This is what is meant by the designation “residential.” Proxies that are not associated with a defined place are dynamic. Residential IPs appear to websites as regular IPs and not necessarily as proxies. Therefore, your residential IP’s traffic and location can be detected, but yours will not.

Benefits of Static Residential Proxy

There are various types of proxies to choose from, and each kind has its unique benefits. A static residential proxy has the advantage of stability. A dynamic proxy will keep switching IP addresses but can interfere with your internet connection. This can be inconvenient when you are in the middle of filling out an online form or in the middle of an important online meeting.

Although your static residential proxy is connected with a specific IP address, you can select various locations through a residential proxy server. For instance, if you want to stream a film on Netflix that isn’t available in your region, you can choose to connect to a new location through your proxy server.

One benefit of a static proxy server is that it can keep you from getting blocked by sites that may notice that the IP address keeps switching. Many sites have gotten wise to proxies try to prevent them from retrieving information. The more your proxies seem like actual user IP addresses, the better. Here are some of the best residential proxies.


GeoSurf is a premium quality residential proxy that will never get blocked by websites. It works through a secure P2P network and provides access to 2 million IPs. Its built-in rotating API provides breadth and flexibility for enterprise users and provides no limits to requests through a million active IPs. This gives access to virtually any activity online, whether it’s competitor research or scraping eCommerce pages.

Keep tabs on your customers where they shop and converse on Instagram or other social media platforms. Check up on your ads and promotions by posing as an anonymous visitor to see if they are working as they should.

Easy Integration

Inbuilt Rotation API

Premium Support

Pool of 2.5 Million IPs

From $450 a month


Oxylabs provides high-quality residential proxies with a success rate of 93.3%. The effectiveness means that you will not be interrupted in the middle of web scraping or doing valuable competitor research. Ethically sourced proxies provide security and data shielding. Oxylabs static residential proxies are faster than others at a speed of 2.3. Rotating proxies and a large number of IP provide freedom and flexibility. These proxies are automatically scalable for large or small projects.

93% Residential Success Rate

Proxy Speed 2.3

Covers 195 Locations

Ethically Sourced Proxies

4 Plans Starting  at $300 per month


Ensure your internet connectivity is always stable and available with Netnut’s static residential IP service that provides 24/7 availability. This proxy is one of the fastest with a direct ISP connection. Avoid being traced with browsers that rotate during each session. Private proxy pools vary according to your session for the most convenient connection.

Since the traffic is routed through Netnut’s network, there are no barriers or interruptions in the flow. All servers are located at points that are controlled by Netnut. Get in-depth support when you need it from an account manager.

Direct ISP Connectivity

Fully Optimized Private Proxy Pools

All Routes Controlled by Netnut

Chrome Extension Available

7-day Free Trial, 3 plans starting at $300.


Cosmoproxy provides unlimited bandwidth and quick scraping speeds. Proxies rotate every five minutes, and you can use as many threads as you need. High security provided by HTTP and SOCKS will ensure your data will be unreadable if it is intercepted. All plans contain all of the same features with prices vary according to the number of ports available.

Unlimited Bandwidth and Threads

New IP Port Every 5 Minutes


Full Access to All IPs in Pool

From 5 ports at $11.90 per month to 500 ports at $900 (with the coupon, $400)


Residential proxies expand your freedom on the internet, enhance privacy, and breakthrough geo-restrictions. These residential proxies provide advanced features with greater speed and security than average proxies. Choose a service that provides a choice of servers, advanced security features, and fully anonymous browsing.

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