Best Telecommuting Jobs For 2019

Telecommuting jobs provide you more flexibility with your schedule. There is no more sitting in traffic driving to the office. You get more time to allocate towards side projects. Getting a telecommuting job is a great way to test your way into self-employment – seeing how well you can manage your time, stay motivated and productive working from home, coffee shops or a co-working space. Furthermore, a lot of people are landing telecommuting jobs for these reasons. Here are mentioned the best telecommuting jobs:

Appointment Setter

This is one of the best telecommuting jobs that involves working U.S. hours. The successful candidate can reside anywhere in the world. Average salary that can be earned via PayScale is $31,561. The work in this job involves setting up appointments using outbound leads. Furthermore, candidate is also responsible for business development.

Clinical Regulatory Affairs Director

They are highly paid by working from home, with salary approximately $150,000. They help pharmaceutical companies meet legal requirements for clinical traits.

Customer Support Specialist

Their work involves dealing with inquiries and requests from corporate and professional traders. Customer support specialists get an experience and deep interest in finance, mathematics, or statistics. Their salary is approximately $47,117.

Supervisory Attorney

They are basically lawyers who work from home. Their salaries range from $117,000 to $152,000.

Front-end Developer

Their work is to implement wireframes, ensure coding and budgets are adhered to, gather requirements, and build front-end interfaces. This role requires expertise in SASS, JavaScript, and Git. Their average salary is approximately $69,331.

Director of quality improvement

It’s one of the best and highly paid job, with salary approximately $150,000. The work in this job is to oversee operations and programming for an organization’s quality improvement programs.

Technical writer

This job requires top-notch writing, editing, and ability to spot a typo from the text. There are senior medical writers who write and edit medical documents. Newsletter writers do original reporting and require an experience of journalism. In addition to that, employers also look for travel writers who live or travel extensively in specific areas and who can create high-quality content with their experiences. Average salary of this job ranges from $45,000 to $100,000.

Audit Manager

The role of this job is to perform financial and operational audits for customers, including companies. Audit mangers can earn up to $ 110,000 by working from anywhere.

Software Engineer

Software engineers can work from home and earn up to $160,000. Their role is to design and develop software programs.

Business Analyst

The role of this job involves the design and modification of business systems or IT systems. Business analysts gather, document and then analyze business requirements and needs. Average salary of this role is approximately $45,000 to $100,000.

Online Teacher

This job can be done from anywhere online. Their role is to create video lectures and notes for students enrolled in a specific course. They also assess the students’ abilities by various tests. They are paid up to $45,000 depending on the course and number of students enrolled.

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