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Best Translation Apps for Android

Best Translation Apps for Android

If you are learning a foreign language or want to understand a piece of text not in your native language, then your Android smartphone will solve your problem. Take a look at some of the best Android translation apps on Google Play Store.

Google Translate

It is a simple and effective tool for translating one piece of language into another. It offers translation facility for virtually every modern language used today. It also works very well with Android Wear watch. To get the best performance from this app, you need to use internet. Otherwise, you need to download the language packs of your choice. The app gets the job done with minimum fuss.


This is a wonderful app for learners of foreign languages. It is an awesome tool for getting into touch with the basic punctuation, phrases, verb structure, and much more. The app is simple and allows you to have fun with your friends by getting engaged in competitions. Get started with a foreign language at a steady pace with Duolingo.

Yandex. Translate

Yandex is basically a Russian company that plays the role of Google in that part of the world. Yandex provide their own translation app with support for more than 40 modern languages. It contains a pretty straightforward user interface that is quite easy to use. If your main purpose is translating Russian, then this app will really suit you.

Word Lens Translator

It is a really useful translator for the travelers. This app will provide you a sense of the menus in restaurants, signs across the roads, and much more. All you need to do is to point your camera at some piece of text. The app works for German, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian, Italian, and French. It will translate the text in the language of your choice. The app will not work for handwritten or fancy fonts.

Dolphin Translate

You will really love this add-on if you use Dolphin browser in your Android phone. The purpose of the add-on is very simple that it allows you to view the web pages in your desired language. If your smartphone is slow, Dolphin browser is a good solution for you and you can easily translate the web with the help of Dolphin Translate add-on.

OnScreen Translate

This app might seem outdated, but it performs an interesting function to translate the languages no matter in which app you are working. This app is wonderful considering the fact that you don’t have to juggle between apps if you are dealing with people from other countries, speaking other languages.

These were just a few pieces of jewels from a huge pool of translation apps. You will find these apps simply the best translation apps Android could offer.

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