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Best Travel Destinations in the World and the US 2015

Best Travel Destinations in the World and the US  2015

TripAdvisor, the authority over travel destination reviews and ratings has announced its yearly Travelers’ Choice for best destinations in the world. In a statement, chief marketing officer of the travel company said that the awards are purely based on user reviews. A number of aspects are weighed about a travel destination in the ranking process like beauty, places to visit, shopping, cost, people, food and much more. There are around 500 travel destinations ranked by the source. We will talk about some of the best travel destinations for 2015 in the US and around the world based on the TripAdvisor awards.

If you haven’t planned your travel destination for 2015, now is the time. Sift through this post, select the best feasible travel destination for in and start packing!

Marrakech, Morocco

Siem Reap, Cambodia

Istanbul, Turkey

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Hanoi, Vietnam

Prague, Czech Republic

London, UK

Rome, Italy

Buenos Aires, Argentina

Paris, France

Cape Town, South Africa

These were top 10 destinations for travel in 2015 globally. The source has also released its list of best travel destinations for 2015 specifically for the US. Let’s see which place wins here.

Best Travel Destinations 2015 in the US


New York City, New York



Chicago, Illinois



Charleston, South Carolina

Las Vegas, Nevada

Seattle, Washington



San Francisco



Washington, D.C.

New Orleans, Louisiana



Palm Springs, California




San Diego, California



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