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Best Tricks To Get The Most Out Of Your Content Marketing Efforts

by Fahad Saleem

Best Tricks To Get The Most Out Of Your Content Marketing Efforts

Social media is the best source for generating traffic for many businesses but doing it in the right way is very important. You need to stand out of the thousands that are trying to be the best and know ways how to promote their content. There are hacks which you can use to gain attention, receive more clicks, likes and shares and eventually create an advantage over our competitors. Here are 10 social media hacks which can help you create traffic towards your content.

Facebook Hacks

 Link Thumbnail Image

When you create a link, adding a picture with it when people share it will make it more prominent and will lead to more clicks. To do this, when you upload content on your page put the picture you want to be displayed while sharing with the largest dimensions, 1200 x 627 pixels will be good enough. Facebook uses the image which has the largest dimensions for showing it on shared content.

cm 1

Open Graph Tags

Facebook`s language Open Graph Protocol can help show or record action in a structured way. This will increase social experience and also increases engagement and helps in the distribution of content.

cm 2

Call-To-Action buttons

Add Call-To-Action buttons with your links which are completely free to add. Traffic generates more to links where there is a Call-To-Action button which makes them go deep into content.

cm 3


Twitter Hacks

Twitter Pinned Posts

With twitters new Profile design you can add key post as pinned posts to highlight it on your profile. You can get regular visitors by highlighting the post on your profile using Twitter Pinned posts.

cm 4


Google+ Hacks

 Markdown styling

You can use Google+ Markdown styling like Bold, italics and strike-through in your posts to make them more engaging and attract audience.

cm 5


Interactive Posts

You can use Google+ Interactive post to add Call-To-Action buttons with your posts. There are over 100 buttons like, sign up, learn more, buy the product and listen etc.

cm 6

Pinterest Hacks

Rich Pins

Rich Pins are used to add more information to the picture instead of simple picture. It is a great feature for people like chiefs or retailers who need to put more information with the picture.

cm 7

 Change your board frequently

In Pinterest you can put items, products and photos in to different groups. You can re-order the changes frequently to make it look more engaging. The main focus is to change the theme of your board.

cm 8

Instagram Hacks

 Upload to Instagram from PC

You can upload images to instagram directly by using this simple app called Gramblr. Just browse the image with size 650×650 or higher, but ratio should consistent and press upload.

cm 9

LinkedIn Hack

Call to Action pictures inside Post

You can add Call-to-action image in the post which will be showed in preview box making it more engaging for audience. You can see how it works in the picture above.

cm 10


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