Best TV Series Netflix 2018

Netflix has got a huge range of good TV series you can look into to keep yourself engaged for the day or even weeks. You can stream the entire run from start to end, probably even in one go. But which TV series are worth your time? Here are the best TV series on Netflix in 2018.

Best TV Series Netflix 2018

The Good Place

After dying Eleanor Shellstrop, starring Kristen Bill, ends up in the Good Place, a calm afterlife neighborhood constructed by a cosmic architect Michael. When alive, Eleanor was a rude and selfish person who only cared about herself. Thus, to avoid being sent to a Bad Place, she must learn to behave like a good person. This best TV series on Netflix 2018 is a cheerful comedy with outstanding settings and an astounding plot.

Orange is the New Black

So far, Orange is the New Black has total six amazing seasons. Due to its extensive and well-loved collaborative cast, it holds the place of the best TV series on Netflix in 2018. On a drug smuggling charge, Piper Chapman ends up in a minimum security women’s prison. She realizes that she can’t escape this mistake. This TV series is both humorous and insightful.

House of Cards

House of Cards is all about the inner working of federal politics and how dirty and dishonest they can end up. Frank Underwood, starring Kevin Spacey, is an unethical American congressman who can do anything to achieve political power. As the TV series grows, Frank becomes more powerful. Many real-life media figures make a special appearance in this best TV series on Netflix.

Breaking Bad

Walter White, starring Bryan Cranston, along with his partner Jesse Pinkman, starring Aaron Paul try to cook and deal premium blue meth. White is a high-school chemistry teacher who has been diagnosed with late stage lung cancer. He wants to secure his family financially before he dies. So, by using his chemistry knowledge, he forms premium blue meth.


Mad Men

This best TV series on Netflix in 2018 is set in the late 1960s in New York City’s most respected Ad agency on Madison Avenue. The agency is at its peak, but as the Ad industry is growing, the competition gets tougher. But this agency survives at a time when everything is jumbled up. From its first episode to the last season, Mad Men is an amazing piece of art.

Alias Grace

Alias Grace is based on the novel by Margaret Atwood which itself was based on a true story. It kicks starts with a mystery. Grace Marks, starring Sarah Gadon, has been accused of a murder of her male partner. Grace story takes her from Ireland to Canada, where she works as a maid of a rich man who she will eventually kill. This best TV series on Netflix in 2018 is a story about what it’s like for a woman to survive in a world governed by men.


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