Best TV Series, Seasons of 2018

These days the best screen work is happening on TV. It is filled with many shows that provoke, entertain and enlighten. Below is the list of best TV series/seasons 2018 for you to have something worth watching.

Atlanta: Robbin’ Season

The first season of Atlanta had won two Emmys and two Golden Globes; Donald Glover, all-time talent, has the credibility to dive into its second season. This best TV season 2018 starts with conversations in popular culture, identity, race and poverty in ways that have never been shown before. Atlanta drops you into its title city where people are living their individual hitches. Every part of the series from funny philosophical lines to amazingly arranged shots to shades of overpowering disappointment, works together to build a show that extends the limits of an ordinary TV show. This jarring and unforgettable show is being aired on FX.

The Assassination of Gianni Versace

FX’s American crime story has picked a real, high-profile murder, dramatize it, and nail it. Andrew Cunanan, a serial killer, pathological liar and creep show extraordinaire, is the leading player as the show leads to his three-month murder spree in United States. Cunanan’s role is played by Darren Criss who delivers an impressive performance by bringing humanity to the sociopathic character.


The new HBO comedy by Bill Hader is based on a man who is lost in the middle of his life and is trying to achieve happiness by force. Barry is a broken soldier who chooses to transform his career path and become an actor. His situation along with dialogues of some of its secondary characters makes the series a comedy. Barry’s blind optimism is amusing, but inspiring too. This best TV series 2018 can pack hilarity, surprises and emotion in a short period of time.

Queer Eye

Queer Eye boomed back on TV after a decade to take five every day men and make over their lives. It tackles the areas of fashion, design, culture, food and grooming. This best TV series 2018 has tailored to a new generation and political climate with men who manage to work miracles. Hard hitting one-liners and makeover mishmash are equalized with straightforward, tear jerking instants focusing anguish, race relations, religion and much more. Don’t forget to watch Queer Eye on Netflix.

The Good Place

Its second season, being aired on NBC, has maintained the comedy momentum as its writers utilize many tricks up their sleeves. The Good Place has the liveliest writing of anything currently being shown on TV which smoothly balances out the rattling jokes with emotional character moments and colossal plot developments. This best TV series 2018 will continue to surely entertain us for a long time.

One Day at a Time

A show full of tender teaching moments without making you feel as if you have been dragged into it. It uses generosity and humor to confront issues of intersectional identities and generational difference experiences. Justina Machado plays the role of Penelope who juggles her identities as Cuban-American women, Army vet, single mother and sole breadwinner while her two teens experience catastrophes of their own. Always sweetly funny and one of the best TV series 2018.

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