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Best Twitter Bootstrap Alternatives for Developers

by Fahad Saleem

Best Twitter Bootstrap Alternatives for Developers

Twitter Bootstrap is a great collection of tools for developing web applications available for free. It is one the top rated tools among the web developers, but there is also a class of developers which don’t prefer it for a variety of reasons.  If you are unable to use Twitter Bootstrap for some reason and looking for some alternatives, you are at the right place. We will present some of the best Twitter bootstrap alternatives for developers.


It is a tiny collection of CSS and JS files that can aid you developing sites that appear beautiful in any size, whether you are viewing them on your PC or smartphone. It is a great tool for rapid development. You can get started with CSS best practices, a sophisticated grid that makes mobile consideration really easy, basic UI elements and organized file structure. You can utilize most basic styles as foundation by using Skeleton kit.

Blue Print

It is basically a CSS framework designed to reduce your CSS development time. It offers you a really good foundation for building your own CSS. The grid is easily customizable. Some other wonderful features are typographic baseline, a style sheet for printing powerful scripts for customization, and much more.

Cascade Framework

The appearance and feel of this framework is similar to Twitter Bootstrap, but Cascade Framework has its own identity. Twitter Bootstrap aims to provide shiny user elements that can be provided for any project, and maintains the overall look and feel of your project. Cascade framework intends to perform the opposite function. It puts you in control by splitting your CSS into several files based on features instead of selectors. You can also implement modifier design pattern inspired by OOCSS and SMACCS. It is equally useful for modern as well as old browsers.

Webix-JavaScript Library

It is a multi-widget JavaScript UI library for developing CSS3 and HTML 5 compatible mobile and desktop web apps. It offers around 45 features rich JI widgets for visualization, management, building layouts, uploading, and editing. You can easily build web apps using these tools, and these apps will run properly on PCs and mobiles. The platform also offers Angular, JQuery, and Backbone integration. It can also work with any server side platform like Java and Ruby.


It was the first ever open-source web framework for supporting responsive design and the pioneer in Mobile First. The developers were aware that the future of web design is changing, predicting successfully that mobile will dictate the terms. The latest version Foundation 5 was released in Fall 2013 and brought great improvements that offers innovative standards for web frameworks.

After trying these best Twitter Bootstrap alternatives for developers, you will gain plenty of web development experience. These web design frameworks offer matchless features that could easily stand out as alternatives for Bootstrap.


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