Best Ubuntu Themes for Android Phone

Best Ubuntu Themes for Android Phone

The operating system Ubuntu has been coveted for many years especially by the developer side of the community. I think many of the readers will also agree that that the user interface of Ubuntu brings out freshness in day to day work and many people like to have it on their Virtual Machine. Many people also like it as a secondary OS for desktop and many developers opt for it as their primary. Similarly Ubuntu themes are known to also bring out the looks and elegance in an Android phone. Here, I will tell you about several Ubuntu themes, sidebar or even live wallpapers that that are the best Ubuntu themes for android and why.

ADW Ubuntu Theme

This theme has been developed courtesy of Ryan Olsen. Out of many Ubuntu-esque themes out there for Android, I must admit this is probably the only one that delivers the Ubuntu experience in many facets of the Android phone. Just by changing the Play Store as the Synaptic Package Manager in the ADW Ubuntu theme it will bring about nostalgia amongst the old Ubuntu users. With the app explorer set as the Ubuntu logo this theme sure delivers and is probably one of the best Ubuntu Themes for Android phone or tablets even.

Unity Launcher

It is based on the Ubuntu Phone Edge Launcher which is a sidebar that enables multitasking. This app gives you the same feel that Ubuntu sidebar provides and believe you me; it is as good as advertised. You can multitask easily by launching any app from anywhere on you Android phone just by a single swipe. You can pin any app you want, change icon background and customize the launcher’s animation to your will. What makes this app one of the best Ubuntu Themes for Android is the fluidity that the application has.

SmartLauncher Theme Ubuntu

If you thought that ADW Ubuntu Theme was good, this just might be even better just off of the sheer Ubuntu styled look you get at the home page. The ADW theme is more inclined on making the icons Ubuntu-esque but this one will make you forget that you are even using an Android phone. This theme only works if you have installed SmartLauncher beforehand because it is in the launcher itself that you need to set it as a global theme for the Android device. Surely one of the best Ubuntu themes for Android.

Unity Live Wallpaper Beta

Another that makes the list of best Ubuntu themes for Android because of the looks; more like the SmartLauncher then the ADW although. It is very unique and integrates with the apps and battery icon reasonably well. It has gone way beyond its original capabilities but still needs a lot of work to be the best.


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