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Best Under-$100 Things to Buy in 2024 to Change Your Life

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A hundred dollars might sound nothing in the high inflationary world of today but there are some things you can buy in this budget that will really make your life easier and efficient. To find the best things you can buy under $100 right now to make your life easy, we scoured Reddit threads to know from actual people their input on the best under-$100 things to buy in 2024.

Carbon Monoxide Detector

One of the best life-changing things you can buy under $100 according to Reddit is a carbon monoxide detector (it’s more of a life saver). Most people might ignore it but carbon monoxide can kill you in a matter of few hours without even you knowing.

Here is a story a Redditor posted highlighting the importance of such detectors

We moved in to our first home right before winter and our heater wouldn’t turn on. It was a terribly cold winter, one of those storm of a century type deals and our heater wasn’t working. Long story short, turns out that a single sensor had tripped a safety and had it turned on, it would have pumped carbon monoxide into our very small, very well-insulated house and very likely killed us both our first night.

Blood pressure monitor

Blood pressure, or hypertension, is becoming an extremely common healthcare problem all over the world, even for people in their late twenties and thirties. This is because of sedentary lifestyles and unhealthy habits. Keeping tabs on your blood pressure especially when you are not feeling well can save you from serious healthcare conditions.

Electric Kettle

If you want to save time and get something to eat/drink on the go especially in the morning, spending on electric kettle is worth it. Tea, ramen, coffee, pasta, the list of items you can get ready using a simple electric kettle in minutes is long.

Air fryer

Air fryer can make your life much easier. Here is a comment from a Redditor on the importance of investing in an air fryer:

I’ve always loved to cook, did it professionally for 12 years, raised by an Italian mother, and only just got my air fryer last Christmas. HOLY…SHIT! My life is 100x easier now and my dinners are way quicker and meats more tender. I’m kicking myself for not discovering it sooner.

Costco Membership

Having a Costco membership ($60 per year) is really worth it. Some Redditors have calculated down to the penny about its benefits and when you look at the results it really makes you feel the importance of having such a membership to save money. Here is a comment from a Redditor:

I once did a detailed estimate/analysis of how much money I save by shopping at Costco versus a normal store. When I include gas, insurance, prescriptions, general household items, and clothing, I save $1500/year for a family of two. But you also have to be disciplined and not buy stuff you don’t need.




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