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Best Universal Remote Apps Android to Control TV, DVD Players, AC and Home Appliances

by Fahad Saleem

Android OS is perhaps the most powerful mobile OS out there. You must have heard about the universal remote apps for Android, the apps which you could install in your phone and control just about any electronic device; turn a TV on and off, control AC, refrigerator and other home appliances. The app store is full of universal remove apps. A very few of them actually work.

Note: You must have an Infrared blaster (IR blaster) in your phone. Many appliances don’t come supported for the universal remote apps, so you should check the manual. Devices like Samsung Galaxy S5, S6 are coming with IR blaster installed in it. You must also check app’s supported devices and device manuals to see if it supports remote control feature for phones.

Best Universal Remote Apps Android

Here are some best universal remote apps you could use to control just about any electronic smart appliance, like TV, smart TV, AC.

Smart IR Remote

Smart IR Remote is the best universal remote app. It has a list of literally thousands of supported devices. Apart from Sony phones, this app works perfectly on all the Android phones. You could control TV, VCR, DVD players, AC with it.

IR Remote

IR 2.0 is the best free universal remote app for Android. It gives you a choice among various remote UIs. It also supports Sony mobile phones. There is a list of supported devices and almost every mainstream home appliance device works with it.

Unified Remote App

Unified Remote app is the best option to control PC remotely from your Android phone. If your mouse isn’t working, or you want to change streaming channel, volume, open/close program on your PC, you could use Unified Remote app, which works smoothly. It is a unique app which lets you control computers apart from other home appliances.

Easy Universal TV Remote

Easy Universal TV Remote may have not a fancy interface, but it is powerful and supports older and new TVs, appliances, ACs. The app is free and getting updates and stability.

ASmart Remote

ASmart Remote IR supports TVs, DSLR cameras, machines and LCD. It has a simple, pictorial interface which makes controlling everywhere pretty easily. It doesn’t support Sony mobile phones.

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