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Best Untapped Industries to Start a Business With Small Investment

by Fahad Saleem

Starting own business trend is on the rise in the US and globally. The sole proprietorship registration are hitting records. While this points to a huge lot of opportunities, there is also a red flag for anyone who is thinking to start a business in 2015. More and more areas are getting saturated. Talk about starting a business online, you have got thousands of websites and places where people have taken the slots. Apparel, phones, electronic items, every industry seems to be teeming with people. But business is all about thinking and trying the untapped areas. Here are some best and hottest industries to start a business in 2015 with a very small or no investment.

 Best Industries to Start a Business

 Health, Yoga Products and Services Business

This is the best area to start your business in 2015. People in the US and across the globe are frantically taking interest in health and fitness. According to stats, only the Yoga industry is worth $10 billion. A US based CorePower Yoga center is now getting yearly revenues of $100 million, which were $45 million, just back in 2012. You can see Apple, Google, Facebook and all tech giants are making health products and wearables. This is because health and fitness is an evergreen industry. You can start a Yoga center, make training centers, create technology product for health and much more. Trust me, there is not much innovation in this area till yet and you have a lot of space.

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 Relaxation Beverage Business

Ever heard of Relaxation Beverage industry? People are in dire need of chilling drinks (I am not talking about sugary colorful sodas that give you nothing but diabetes and fats with acidity). According to a report, Relaxation drinks industry is now worth $150 million, with a growth rate of 30% annually. People want them daily to get relaxed, fight anxiety, stress, and just for a change of taste. These drinks must be healthy and relaxing in order to stand out.

Just take the example of the famous Chill group, which started making amino acid from green tea, L-theanine, and promoting their drinks via Facebook. Now they are worth in millions.

 Legal Marijuana Business

Marijuana is going to get legal in the US anytime now. States like Colorado, Alaska, Washington, and Oregon are already working on legal marijuana business. Only in Colorado,  the local weed industry is valued at $1.5 billion and more than 300 small business generated $350 million in revenue just in 2014. You can start marijuana business pretty easily when it gets legal. Take motivation from the famous Pete Williams, known as the ‘Medicine Man’. Williams started selling marijuana from his basement and now, he is the CFO of his company, valued at millions of dollars.

Food Ecommerce

Combining Food and e-commerce business and launching a company which could deliver organic, wholesale foods to the people on their doorstep in affordable rates can do wonders for you in 2015. Food delivery startups got $1.56 billion just in a single quarter of 2014. People want food all the time, but in a convenient way.

Take the example of Wholshare, a company which came up with the idea of delivering food to people. It struck a deal with farms, food producers and more than 15,000 brands automatically landed its wagon when the company got fame. People in a single vicinity order bulk food items on Wholeshare website. The company produces/orders things and deliver to people on 30%-40% discount. This discount depends upon the quantity of order, so people order things in the form of communities.

 Gamification of Services

Gamification of services is a novel idea. It targets to enhance the interest and enthusiasm of employees in the job, especially in the sales field. Gamification of sales would mean that at the end of a month, a visual dashboard or system will show how many calls were answered, how many leads were positive and what the conversion rate is. This would tell performance of each employee in a fun way. Sales teams around the world are hungry for such systems and there are not much solutions out there.

These were the best industries to start a business in 2015. Most of the areas are unsaturated different and unconventional. Research and drill down more in these areas and take a decisive step.

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