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Top 5 Must Have Free Services for Entrepreneurs

Top 5 Must Have Free Services for Entrepreneurs

There has been a tremendous bloom of “freemium” model of business in which entrepreneurs offer products to their customers without charging any money for promotional purposes. By utilizing the aforementioned features, we can now make, or market a website without paying even a penny. Some valuable services that make this feature possible are discussed below.

Designing and Prototyping

Before launching any website, it is a good idea to make an interactive prototype of the website. The ‘Moqups’ is a cost-free tool that makes a tentative model for your website. It offers the great ideas for your website.

Creating the Website

If you creating a website, then you need a server to host the site. These services are provided to you by a simple application called moniker “PaaS” whose full version is ‘Platform as a Service’. You can locate a plethora of PaaS servers, but none of them are better than “Heroku”.  Heroku  allows you to launch a web application for hosting on servers.



Marketing is at the vital part of the entrepreneurship. You have to send your message to your customers introducing your products to end users. These services are performed on our behalf by suitable applications like “Mailchimp”. MailChimp mails newsletters to customers which allows them to be introduced to your services or product offerings.

The content that you included in your newsletters can also be included on your blog pages to attract the audience through various search engines. WordPress allows you to create your blogs for free. This is the most notable blogging server that hosts your pages for no cost at all.

Analyzing and Improving

After you have launched your website, it’s the time for earning rewards now. You have to monitor what people are doing on your website. A plethora of tools is available for making this possible.

Google Analytics is a great tool to provide statistics of the traffic visiting your page. It also tells about their activities as well as their origins.

If you want more information about the activities of the users on your website then you may use “Clicktale”. This application analyzes and tells the behavior of a user while visiting your blog. It also allows you to view funnels and heat maps to provide in-depth analysis.

This great tool goes to the extent of monitoring the motion of the cursor of the mouse as the user clicks through various links on your blog. You can replay these actions for viewing them later on.

After mentioning some few applications that could prove to be useful for launching your website, it’s time to judge and monitor the changes in terms of revenues or customer satisfaction that these applications have incurred. For this purpose, Visual Website Analyzer is utilized to analyze the changes that the applications have caused to your site for a specific group of audience.

Another great application is “Uservoice” that lets the customers provide feedback to the owners directly. Some other useful tools are “SurveyMonkey” for carrying out a survey, “Skillfeed” for teaching the public regarding various topics with video tutorials.

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