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Best Video recording software :Free Download Links

by Fahad Saleem
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Best Video recording software :Free Download Links

Nowadays, the best way of sharing something for the benefit of the world like tutorials for software, programming tutorials, or entertainment tutorials like gaming walkthroughs, is to make a video of it and share it on YouTube or any other social video streaming website, and show it to the world.

To make a video of the tutorial, or walkthrough in case of gaming, you will need to record a video and of course, do some editing and then post it to the website. There are software available for this type of tasks, and some of these video recording tools are mentioned below. You can download free video recording software by clicking on the name of that video recording software.


1.    Ezvid


This video recording tool is one of the best recording software for pc. You can download this recording software free from their website. This software gives you the ability to record everything on the screen of your PC in HD (1280 x 780). You can also record your own voice over the video, which may be commentary or description of events of the video. It is also easy to use and 100% free.

best video recording software download


2.    Movavi Screen Capture


The best thing about Movavi is probably the video recording time. Videos of upto 60 minutes can be recorded using this free video recording software. There are some drawbacks, like, the user interface is very complex, and it is not an easy to use video recording tool. It doesn’t even directly upload the videos to YouTube. Another deficiency in this software is that it stores videos in AVI format, which makes the videos pretty heavy. Nevertheless, it is a good video recording software for free.

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3.    Camstudio


This an open source video recording tool. It does the same functions as Ezvid like recording the full screen in high quality and include the voice and audio during the recording or after recording through microphone or already recorded audio. The output format of files for this software is again AVI or SWF which makes the videos very heavy than they are supposed to be and we get uploading problems due to large size.

best video recording software download


4.    HyperCam


HyperCam is one of the most commonly used video recording tools. It gives the flexibility to change the frame rate of the video and select a specific portion of the screen which is to be recorded. There is no video editing tool in it so this is kind of a drawback. Also, the files aren’t directly uploaded to YouTube. The user interface is also not very user friendly as it looks like it’s in a raw shape.

best video recording software download


5.    Free Screen Video Recorder


This is an entirely free video recording software and it has similar functions as HyperCam like recording a selected part of the screen, but we cannot adjust compression type and frame rate. There is a small video editing tool which can do only basic functions like cropping, resizing and rotating. This also saves videos in AVI format, which makes the video file heavy.

best video recording software download

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